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Q: When a figure is transatedrotated or rotated What is the same about the original figure and its image?
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What is the ability of a figure to be rotated less than a full circle and exactly match its original image?

Rotational symmetry.

When a figure is translated reflected or rotated what is the same about the original figure and its image?

It still has the same weight. Even turned or reflected the weight/mass remains the same.

When you change coordinates of points of a figure to get another figure the original figure is called what?

The original figure is called the pre-image. After the transformation it becomes the image.

How do you tell if a figure is a translation of another?

The original figure and its image must be of the same size and the same orientation. That is, you should be able to get from the original to the image by moving the shape along the x-axis and the y-axis and nothing else. However, if the shape has rotational or reflective symmetry, there is no way that you can be sure that it has not been rotated or reflects (as appropriate).

How would you find the vertices of an image of a figure were rotated 270 degrees clockwise?

The image of a vertex at (x, y) would be (-y, x).

The original figure in a transformation?

What is a preimage. (The new figure is called the image.)

What is definition of image in math?

The figure that results from some transformation of a figure. It is often of interest to consider what is the same and what is different about a figure and its image EX: original Image

A mapping for which the original figure and its image are congruent?


What math term means copy of an original figure?


What type of transformation can change the size of an image from the original figure?


Which transformation does not always result in an image that is congruent to the original figure?


The figure shows the preimage and image of three points that have been rotated around a point, plus the preimage of pentagon RSTUV. Is this statement true or falseThe image of RSTUV is DEFGH?