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Adrian Answers
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It still has the same weight. Even turned or reflected the weight/mass remains the same.

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Lulu Pfannerstill

2021-05-12 07:06:01

Awesome - thanks for the answer!

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What is tesslation?

It's when a figure is rotated, reflected , translated etc but the corresponding angles and side lengths stay the same.

What is the geometric relationship between the original figure and the reflected figure. Explain using geometric terms?

It depends on what and where the original and reflected figures are.

What is the ability of a figure to be rotated less than a full circle and exactly match its original image?

Rotational symmetry.

When a figure can be rotated 180 degrees and still looke the same?

When u rotated a figure 180 is the reflection the same

How do you rotate a figure 180 degrees about origin?

It will appear to be upside down and rotated a further 180 degrees it will then occupy its original space

What does a flip in math?

You do a flip in geometrey when you do transformations. Flip is a transformation in which a plane figure is flipped or reflected across a line, creating a mirror image of the original figure.

The point about which a figure is rotated?

Center of rotation

What is a point about which a figure is rotated?

Point of rotation

When a figure is reflected which characteristics of the figure is preserved?

Its area.

What figure would it be if you rotated a smiley face?

well if you rotated it upside down then it would be a face with a uni brow.

Any figure that can be turned or rotated less than 360 degrees about a fixed point so that the figure looks exactly as it does in its original position?

Rotation Symmetry La Simetria de Rotation Symetrie de Rotation

What is the angle of rotation if you know how many vertices a figure has?

A figure can be rotated through any angle of your choice.

What is a figure called if it can be folded or reflected so two parts of the figure are congruent?


What is a transformtion in which a figure is rotated about a point called the center of rotation?

It is called a rotation.

How do you tell if a figure is a translation of another?

The original figure and its image must be of the same size and the same orientation. That is, you should be able to get from the original to the image by moving the shape along the x-axis and the y-axis and nothing else. However, if the shape has rotational or reflective symmetry, there is no way that you can be sure that it has not been rotated or reflects (as appropriate).

What is the line over which a figure is reflected?

It is the axis of reflection.

What is a congruent figure?

its a reflected shape because they are similar to each other but not the same size so they are reflected

How many orders of symmetry does a rectangle have?

The rectangle's rotational symmetry is of order 2. A square's rotational symmetry is of order 4; the triangle has a symmetry of order 3. Rotational symmetry is the number of times a figure can be rotated and still look the same as the original figure.

What is the resulting transformation when a figure is reflected across line m then reflected across line n?

Ask your teacher

When a figure is translated its orientation?


When you change coordinates of points of a figure to get another figure the original figure is called what?

The original figure is called the pre-image. After the transformation it becomes the image.

What is an angle of symmetry?

The least angle at which the figure may be rotated to coincide with itself is the angle of symmetry.

A video game designer rotated an action figure in her game twice, as shown. Did she use the same center of rotation, P Answer yes or no?


What happens when a 2 dimensional figure is reflected?

u see it flipped

Describe how four turns can put a figure back in its original position?

what 4 turns can put a figure in its original positions