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When a number is haved the result is 17

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Q: When a number is halved the result is 17?
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When you halve any even number the answer is always an odd number?

4 is an even number and halved it is 2, which is an even number, so the short answer to the question is no. 8 halved is 4. 12 halved is 6. 16 halved is 8...

When 3 times a number is decreased by 4 the result is 17. what is the number?

When 3 times a number is decreased by 4 the result is 17. what is the number?

A natural number is halved when reduced by thirteen?

Since the number is halved when reduced by 13, then the number must be twice 13 = 26.

What happens when you multiply a number by 0.5?

It is halved.

Can 1 be halved?

Yes any number can be fractioned

In which process is the chromosome number halved?

its called meiosis

She halved the number then added ten to the results her answer was 35?

She halved "fifty", to get twenty five, then added ten to get thirty five.

What number other than 0 can be halved?

Any number can be divided in half.

What is the result of doubling one variable For two variables that are inversely related?

The second is halved.

How do i find out if a number is divisible by 4 or 8?

If the number is a multiple of 4 or 8 then it is divisible by 4 and 8 with no remainder If a number can be halved and the answer is even, it was divisible by 4.If the number can be halved twice and the answer is stilleven, it was divisble by 8.

At what stage of meiosis is the number of chromosomes halved?

Anaphase ii

When 19 is added to a number and that sum is divided by 3 the result is 12. What is the number?

It is 17 because (17+19)/3 = 12

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