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You need decimals when you measure and fractions. You need decimals, because to measure and fractions. Also, so whole numbers could exist if there are decimals. There will be no math if there's no decimals.

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Q: When and why do you need decimals?
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How do you express 11.5 as a decimal?

This already is decimals. No need to convert anything.This already is decimals. No need to convert anything.This already is decimals. No need to convert anything.This already is decimals. No need to convert anything.

How architects need the knowledge of decimals fractions and percents?

They need to know about decimals, fractions, and percents because they need to know the exact measures of the things they are designing.

How do you convert fractions to decimals on a ti 85?

I need help in how to convert fractions to decimals

How do accountants use decimals?

Accountants use decimals by simply dividing the fractions and getting a decimal number. One does not need to be an accountant to use decimals.

How line up multiply decimals?

You need to line up decimals for additional and subtraction. For multiplication, you don't need to line them up - in fact, it would serve no useful purpose.

Does a baker need to convert fractions to decimals?


Are repeating decimals squared?

They can be but need not be.

How do you add repeating decimals?

Convert the repeating decimals into fractions, and then add those. If you need it as a decimal, then you can just convert the product back into a decimal!:)

how Do you determine the least to greatest when using fractions and decimals?

You determine the least to greatest in decimals by using their leftmost unit. The decimal 0.2 is less than 0.3. To determine fractions, you need to first convert them to decimals.

How can i use decimal models to add decimals?

You can use decimal models to add decimals by using the hundedths blocks as used in base-ten blocks and add the following decimals you need to and use the hundredths block to shade in the total.

How do you get 2.778 in decimals?

2.778 IS in decimal form. You do not need to do anything.

What jobs use terminating decimals?

All jobs will use terminating decimals but most jobs will also require you to be able to work with recurring decimals and many will need decimal numbers which are neither terminating nor recurring.

How much is 3 liters in decimals?

3 litres is a perfectly good answer in decimals. There is no need to add a decimal point simply for the sake of adding one.

What is 26888000 in decimals?

It is 26888000 and there is no need to put a decimal point at the end.

When would you use decimals?

Whenever the numbers that I need to work with are not integers.

What you want to know about decimals?

Nothing. I know all that I need to know.

What do accountants need fractions for?

because they don't know how to use decimals

What is 0.8 of 300?

to be honest i need the same answer and i don't get how to do anything with decimals!

Why do you need to put a zero at the end when you are writing in decimals?

Its for good puposes

What data type is string is suited to represent cost of a car?

String is not appropriate for that. While it is possible to store a number in a string, additional conversions need to be done if you need the number for calculations. Instead, use an integer data type (if no decimals are required), or a real data type (if decimals are required). In Java, for example, you could use int (no decimals) or double (allows decimals).

How do you convert decimals into decimals?

Decimals are all ready decimals so how could you say to convert it back to decimal

Is -0.28764 an irrational or a rational number?

It is a rational number because if need be it can be expressed as a fraction.

What is 0.03 as a percentage?

0.03 = 3%If you want to convert from decimals to percentages, then you just need to multiply the whole decimal by 100%. If you want to convert from percentages to decimals, you just divide by 100%.I'm assuming you mean .003, which in that case, 3%.

what is 6.48 rounded to the nearest 10th?

6.5 or 6.50 depending on how many decimals you need to show.

How do you convert 23.5 cents into decimals?

That already is a decimal. No need to convert anything.