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I need help in how to convert fractions to decimals

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Q: How do you convert fractions to decimals on a ti 85?
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How do you convert decimals to fractions on the TI-83?

Press MATH and select >Frac. Then press ENTER. This will change your last answer to a fraction. If the decimal is not you last answer, type the decimal and then follow the steps above.

How do you type in fractions on the ti 85?

You can't really type fractions, but you can use the divide function to create the fraction line, and imitate it in a way.

How do you add fractions on the ti 84 plus?

With the latest TI-84 updates, you can work with fractions as actual fractions - not operators or decimals. To insert a fraction press Alpha > F1 > 1:n/d. Enter a couple of numbers, press the "+" sign, do it again, press enter, and you will get your answer!

How do you put fractions on a Texas Instruments TI-81 calculator?

How to add fractions on a texas instruments TI-81

Ti84 and ti85 which one is better?

The TI-85 was the second graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments. (The first was the TI-81). The TI-84 is a much newer version and has more functionality and memory. The only real advantage that the TI-85 has over the TI-84 is that it costs less. As far as where you are allowed to use the calculator, almost every test or class that allows a TI-85 will allow a TI-84 as well. The TI-84 is a much better investment. (If the TI-84 is too expensive, look into getting a TI-83. This model is also newer than the TI-85.)

When was the TI-82 invented?

The TI-82 was designed and introduced in 1993, as a replacement for the TI-81, and as a more user friendly version of the TI-85.

Which is better the Ti-85 or Ti-83 graphing calculators?


How do you enter complex fractions on ti inspire?

You can enter complex fractions on a TI-Inspire calculator, even though there is not a fraction button. Since a fraction bar essentially means to divide, so the division button is a fraction bar.

How do you enter fractions on the TI-85?

You type in, for example, 4/5, or the number 4, then division , then the number 5. You may or may not want to put it in brackets eg. (4/5) You should only need to if you were raising it to a power eg. (4/5)^2

How do you convert square centimeters ti square meters?

divide by 100

Can you convert Microsoft publisher to swift publisher?

no se que ti

How do you do fractions on a Texas instruments TI-83?

Follow the steps > Bracket, Number, Divided by, Number, Bracket.