When can a node in the ring topology transmit a message?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When can a node in the ring topology transmit a message?
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What is the difference between ring topology and star topology?

ring topology is more reliable than star topology. ring topology it messages passes from node to node than star topology passas messages directly from node to the central computer.

How do workstations in a ring topology negotiate which node has the authority to transmit data at any given time?

by using tokens

What Topology connects each node to a form a closed loop?

Ring topology

What network topology is each node connected to the next by a direct line so that a continuous line is formed?

Ring technology: In a ring network, every device has exactly two neighboring devices for communication purpose. It is called a ring topology as its formation is like a ring. In this topology, every computer is connected to another computer. Here, the last node is combined with a first one. This topology uses token to pass the information from one computer to another. In this topology, all the messages travel through a ring in the same direction.

Which topology is least affected by addition or removal of a node?

Ring Topology is least affected by addition or removal of nodes

In ring topology what protocol should use to transmit data?


What is the consequences if a connection fails in a ring topology?

The failure of a single node of the Ring network can cause the entire network to fail.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of ring topology?

The main advantage of ring topology is that data flows in a singular direction, eliminating collisions. However, if one node in the ring breaks down, the entire network ceases to function.

Why ring topology is harder to install than bus topology?

A bus is a linear network topology where there is a startpoint and endpoint (two different nodes) and the other nodes are between, in a straight line. A ring operates like a circle- data travels in one direction through the nodes, ending up at the starting node. In a ring topology, there is a central node to which each other node connects to. This is usually a hub or server. Ajeet kumar Mishra HCL CDC Allahabad HCE -064 Batch

Disadantage of ring topology?

Ring topology doesn't fare well if one of the "nodes" in the ring dies... because each node has to actively send any data that it has and then pass the token to the next node. This problem (of the whole network dying if one of its nodes dies) can be overcome using a double ring and some "wire-around-the-world" heroics, but this is cited as the classic and main disadvantage of that topology.

What happens to communication if a ring topology breaks?

In a ring topology, the nodes on both sides of the break will loop the path (self-healing) back towards the ring, so every node is still communicating with each other.

How you can connect several computer by networking?

Depends on which topology you are used i.e Ring, Bus, Mesh or Star. Like in Ring topology each node is connected to 2 nodes on either side and is suitable for small network. In Star topology there is a central node to which all other nodes are connected, data is transferred from source node to central hub and then to destination node. In Bus topology one long cable act as a back bone to link all the devices and is reliable from hardware point of view.