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Use the LCM when you are adding and subtracting unlike fractions. Use the GCF when you are simplifying fractions.

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Q: When can you use common multiples and factors?
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How do you know whether to use common factors or common multiples to solve a problem?

becasu multiples are the same thing as factors.

When you do LCD in math do you use multiples or factors?

multiples: Least Common Multiple

What do factors and multiples have in common?

Factors create multiples, multiples break down into factors.

What is the differeince between common factors and common multiples?

Common factors go into the numbers, the numbers go into common multiples.

How are factors and multiples In common?

Factors go into numbers, numbers go into multiples.

What is The common factors and multiples of 12 and 22?

Common factors: 1 and 2 Common multiples: Any multiple of 132

How do you use prime factorization to find three common factors and three common multiples?

you multiply them together

What prime factors are common to all multiples of 10?

2 and 5 are the prime factors that are common to all multiples of 10.

When is it useful to use factors and multiples?

Factors are useful when you're trying to reduce fractions. Multiples are useful when you're trying to find a least common denominator.

What are the common multiples for 12 and 14?

1 and 2 are common factors. 84 and 168 are common multiples.

What are all of the common factors and multiples of 30 and 75?

The common factors are 1, 3, 5 and 15. The common multiples are any multiple of 150.

What are 5 Greatest common multiples of the 360 and 480?

There are no greatest common multiples only greatest common factors

How do you know when to use factors or multiples in fractions?

Use multiples when you're adding or subtracting them. Use factors when you're reducing them.

What are the common multiples of 8 and 18?

The common factors are 1 and 2. The common multiples are 72, 144, 216 and so on.

What are the common multiples of 7 and 6?

Well, 7 and 6 have a lot of common multiples such as 42 and ect. But I really don't think about all the common multiples because in math class when you use common multiples or factors it would usually be the LCM and the LCF. Which stands for least common multiple and least common factor

Are least common multiples the same thing as greatest common factors?


What is the least common factor of 4 and 14 using lists of multiples?

You won't find common factors by using lists of multiples. The least common factor of any set of integers is 1, no matter what you use.

Is 2 and 28 the least common multiples of 56?

No, 2 and 28 are not multiples of 56, they are factors.

What numbers have 4 and 6 as common factors?

multiples of 12

Is 2 and 126 least common multiples of 252?

No, they are factors.

What number have common factors of 88?

88 and any of its multiples.

How do you use the factors of 100 to find the factors of 200?

You can find out by Knowing the multiples and factors

Does other numbers share common factors with number 9?

All multiples of 9 share common factors with 9.

What are the first six common factors of 2 and 8?

There are only 2 common factors; 1 and 2. You likely mean what are the first 6 common multiples, for which the first six multiples of 8 are the answer. 8,16,24,32,40 and 48.

What are the common multiples of 5?

Multiples of 5 include 5, 10, 15 and 20. For them to be common, they need to be compared to another set of multiples.