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When Rack angle is zero... Chip thickness ration is going to be greater.

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Q: When chip thickness ratio greater than 1?
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What is the chip thickness ratio?

In a machining process, a sharp tool cuts through some workpiece, generally by skimming along its surface. The "depth of cut" is the measurement of how far beneath the surface of the workpiece the tool is penetrating. The "chip thickness" is the thickness of the material being cut away. One might think that the thickness of the removed material would be equal to the depth of cut, and sometimes it is. In that case, the chip thickness ratio is 1.0. However, depending on many other factors (cutting tool geometry, material properties, etc.), sometimes the chip will be thicker or thinner than the depth of cut, due to deformation of the chip as it is removed. This change of thickness as the chip material is being removed is defined as the "chip thickness ratio."

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