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Q: When compass heading is corrected for drift and deviation what is the result?
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What is the relationship between standard deviation and precision?

The more precise a result, the smaller will be the standard deviation of the data the result is based upon.

Can average deviation be negative?

No, average deviation cannot be negative. Deviation is a representation of differences between numbers. A difference is always an absolute value, so the number cannot be negative (even though subtracting the deviation from an average may result in a a negative result).

Is the standard deviation dependent on the mean?

Yes. Consider the definition of the standard deviation. It is the square root of the variance from the mean. As a result, it can be said that the standard deviation is dependent on the mean.

Calculating var through mean and standard deviation?

Assuming var is variance, simply square the standard deviation and the result is the variance.

What is the difference between absolute deviation and relative deviation?

absolute deviation is a difference between say two numbers. The result has the same units as the two numbers have. Relative deviation is a ratio and so it is a pure number without any units.

Deviation from explosive safety standards must only result?

out of operational necessity

How do you put accurately in a sentence?

by using the compass you can accurately get the result

How do I calculate the standard deviation cube test compressive results of 50486055535157526145?

A single observation, such as 50486055535157526145 cannot have a standard deviation cube test compressive result.

The mean number is 14 with a standard deviation of 2.5 How many standard deviations is 16.50 from the mean?

16.5 is 1 standard deviation from the mean. If you add the mean of 14 to the 1 standard deviation of 2.5, the result is 16.5.

What can result in Cell death or mutation?

Deviation can destroy cell, causing death/mutation.

What is the purpose of quartile deviation?

In a data sample, the purpose of quartile deviation is a way to measure data dispersion instead of using the range. The quartile deviation is found by subtracting the lower quartile from the upper quartile, and dividing this result by two.

What is standard deviation stretch?

The standard deviation stretch is used to stretch the output values using a normal distribution. The result of this stretch is similar to what is seen by the human eye.

How can biased measurements be corrected?

Biased measurements can be corrected by using an unbiased subject in which results are produced from. That is to say that by using a broader subject matter the results will be less favorable to the required or suggested result and will produce a more accurate result.

When the larger values of the standard deviation result in a normal curve that narrower and more peak?


How do you calculate mean deviation?

Given a set of numbers, and its mean, we can find the difference between each of the numbers and the mean. If we take the mean of these differences, the result is called the mean deviation of the numbers.

What is compass error?

Compass error refers to a magnetic compasses natural tendencies to produce erroneous readings in certain circumstances. Sometimes this may be due to environmental effects such as proximity to a strong magnetic field. Compass error is also frequently the result of shortcomings or anomalies in the way compasses work. Compass error due to environmental effects usually refers to an airplanes compass being drawn toward the magnetic fields generated by the aircrafts engines. This is called magnetic deviation. Additionally in some regions with high concentrations of iron in the soil, compasses may give all sorts of erroneous information. Magnetic compass "variation" deals with the difference between the magnetic north pole (which magnetic compasses point to) and the true north pole (the actual geographical north pole.) While this difference may seem minor, magnetic variation can mean a difference of up to 4 or 5 degrees in some places. In aviation, compasses may also give erroneous readings when turning or performing other maneuvers. This is due to the curvature of the earth combined with the fact that the compass needle wishes to point at the magnetic north pole. Since the earth is round, and the compass points to the magnetic north pole, the compass needle will in most cases be drawn to a point below the horizon from the users standpoint. This will cause the magnetic compass to precede when turning to a northern heading, and to lag when turning to a southern heading.

Does a greater amount of force always result in a greater amount of work?

you have to be using a compass

What is tbc in cricket?

tbs stands for 'to be corrected' it means to be confirmed based on the ipl team match wining result.....

What is the equation for standard deviation?

Standard deviation is equal to the square root of the variance. To arrive at this work out the mean, then subtract the mean and square the result of each number. Then work out the mean of those squared differences and take the square root of that.

What is the result of dangerous kicking and low heading that are illegal in soccer?

You can easily get yourself yellow or even red carded.

What is the difference between an error and a mistake in physics?

There is no difference.There IS a difference. An error is the amount of deviation from a correct or accurate result. A mistake is a misunderstanding of a meaning or intention.

Why use standard deviation in psychology?

Measurements of the variable of interest will differ between subjects. As a result the outcome of an experiment may be different from what was expected. The psychologist will want to know whether that difference is purely the result of random variation between subjects or if it is due to some other factor. The standard deviation is a measure for determining how large a difference might be purely random.

What does the MKII mean on a Ruger P85?

The original P85 had a design flaw which had the potential to result in an accidental discharge. The Mk II corrected this design flaw.

What does the term Failure mean in software testing?

Failure means failing to deliver what customer sees,feels and he wants.It refers to the deviation of a result from the desires output.

How would a southern hemisphere compass differ from a northern hemisphere compass?

The Southern Hemisphere compass will naturally align it self with the South Poleanswer 2 A compass designed to work in the southern hemisphere will have the needle/card balanced differently, for in the S hemisphere the S pole will cause the compass to dip slightly - and opposite to the northern hemisphere.The compass manufacturers divide the Earth into five zones for balance. Some folk need a compass that is insensitive to this effect, (e.g. Army) and for this they choose to have the needle a smaller part of the weight balanced on the pivot, and have a liquid filled compass.Regarding the first sentence above, the compass needle actually aligns itself with the lines of magnetic force at your location - which will still result in a N - S alignment.