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You use maths in life all the time. You sometimes may not no. E.G You may not no you are using maths like dancer's use maths by counting like 12345678 step counting use maths if you are a teacher even if you are a English teacher you may have to count how many children are present. If you are a mail man you count how many houses you have to deliver to or how many letters you have left. So you use math in absolutely everything

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Q: When in life do you use maths?
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A story on use of maths in your daily life?

a story of maths on topic use of maths in our daily life

How will you use square roots in life?

if your a maths teacher or anything to do with maths.

How is congruence use in your daily life?

in maths

How do chefs use maths in daily life?

They have to use maths to work out how much of a certain ingredient they need for a recipe.

Paragraph on use of maths in your daily life?

maths is very useful for us in every field.

Applications of maths in real life?

lots of things use maths but the best i can think of is an equestrian ring

What is importance of maths in our daily life?

we use maths in our everyday life. eg- work, school, shops tax+insurance etc!

How can you use maths in your daily life?

for budgeting evryday 4 daily consumption.

Why mathematics is important to everyday life?

because u use maths everyday. you look at the clock and read the time, that is maths. u buy sumthing from the shop and u use money. that is maths. and you go to school or work, there is bound to be sum sort of maths in there.

Where in real life you can use graphs?

You can use a graph when your doing maths or science or if you measuring something or someone.

What countries use maths how?

All countries use maths for calculations.

How can you make maths working or non working model which shows the use of maths in daily life?

You can make working or non working models that show the use of math in every day life easily. Simply do something with counting money.

What are some jobs that use maths?

maths teacher

Why did Romans use maths?

For the same reasons that we need to use maths today.

How do you use percentages in life?

money, maths jobs(obv), statistics, jobs thats all

Where and all maths is used and how?

they are use in schools,banks most work places you will need it in life

What is the use of mensuration in your daily life?

Mensuration - field of maths dealing with Lengths, Areas & volumes

Is maths is an important subject?

yes it is because you use it in your everyday life with money and other things

Why do Greeks use maths?

The same reason that people of other countries use maths.

Use of maths in lifetime?

you use maths in school, college, some jobs. if you want to have a job in maths you better start revising.

Who said life is for two things - discovering maths and teaching maths?

no one did

What kind of maths do the insurance company use?

good maths =)

Where is maths used in the world?

Everywhere everyday you use maths for

Where you use maths in your daily life?

You use maths whenever you go shopping and mentally total up your purchases as you shop in case you haven't got enough money on you. Or when placing a bet on the horses and you want to calculate the odds, tax and possible winnings. You may need to use maths at your place of work.

How does math and science help in life?

when you buy anything the shopkeeper adds the total and here you use maths