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Q: When multiplying decimals the decimal points?
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What are the 3 steps to multiplying decimals?

STEP 1:Take out the points and multiply as normal. STEP 2:After multiplying,count the numbers that are after the decimal points. STEP 3:Then look at your answer and put in your decimal places from the right to the left.

How do you align decimals when multiplying?

You do not need to align decimal points when multipylng. You multiply the two numbers ignoring the decimal point but ensuring that any trailins 0s are present. The number of digits after the decimal point in the answer is the sum of the number of digits after the decimal points in the two multiplicands.

What are the fundamental operations on whole numbers and decimal?

The fundamental operations on whole numbers and decimals are addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. However, multiplying and dividing decimals is a bit more complicated because you have to count decimal points to get an accurate answer.

How is multiplying and dividing decimals similar to multiplying and dividing whole number?

Multiplying decimals: Example: 2.5 x 1.3 = 3.25 Start by removing the decimal points, thus: 25 x 13 = (the answer is 325) Both 2.5 and 1.3 have 1 decimal places, so 1 + 1 = 2 (decimal places) Counting 2 places, right to left, places the decimal point here: 3.25 Search Google for division of decimals - there are plenty of how to examples and help on the internet!

How is multiplying two decimals different from multiplying one decimal by a whole 3?

There is no difference in the procedure.

How is multiplying two decimals like multiplying a whole number and a decimal?

There is almost no difference. The only difference is placing the decimal point.

Is a decimal point a math symbol?

Possibly, as decimals can't be decimals without decimal points.

What do decimals have that fractions don't?

decimal points

When multiplying two decimals the sum of the decimal places in the factors is?

0.79 4.3

Is it possible to have negative decimal points?

Decimal points aren't positive or negative. Decimals can be either.

When multiplying a decimal by a decimal multiply as with what numbers?

The answer depends on the decimal numbers: there is no simple answer if one (or both) of the decimals is a non-terminating number.

What do decimals and factions have in common?

they can both have decimal points in!!