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You do not need to align decimal points when multipylng. You multiply the two numbers ignoring the decimal point but ensuring that any trailins 0s are present. The number of digits after the decimal point in the answer is the sum of the number of digits after the decimal points in the two multiplicands.

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While multiplying you can move the decimal to the right. Like multiplying 11.11 by 10 moves the decimal to right and gives 111.1

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Q: How do you align decimals when multiplying?
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What is the product of multiplying a binary four (0100) and hexadecimal 15 (0F) 1f?

Multiplying a 4 and 15 will result in 60. You just have to convert both factors into decimals.

When multiplying decimals do you line them up?

Yes you do that is very important when doing a decimal problem.* * * * *It is important for other basic binary operations but NOTmultiplication.

How do you place the decimal points in addends?

In adding decimals, align the decimal point for an easier computation. Example: 5.16 + 3.002 + 0.4 = ______ 5.16 3.002 0.4 ===== 8.562

How do you know where to put the decimal when multiplying decimals?

If two decimal numbers have x and y digits after the decimal point respectively, then their product has (x + y) digits after the decimal point.

What do you do with the decimal point when multiplying?

When you multiply decimals first you should take away the decimals and just leave the number. Then multiply the two numbers together and you get a larger number than the two numbers you have. Then you have to count out how many decimals places you orignally had in both of the numbers then you put how every many decimal place in the first two numbers in the answer. Let me show you an example 34.56 x 76.096 Take away the decimals 3456 x 76096 Find the answer to this 262987776 Now go back to your two original numbers and find how many decimals places they each have 34.56 has 2 decimals 76.096 has 3 decimals Since you have 2 and 3 decimals you have to put 5 decimal places in your final answer 2629.87776 this is your answer