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Q: When solving this system of linear equations with the elimination method you can multiply the bottom equation by 3 this step works because of the?
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Why is it a good practice to leave a blank space before each substance when balancing equations?

Leaving a blank space before each substance when balancing equations helps to clearly separate the reactants from the products. This can make it easier to ensure that each substance is correctly accounted for and balanced on both sides of the equation.

What is 2y-2x-8 3y-18-3x using elimination method?

To solve this system of equations using the elimination method, we need to eliminate one variable by adding or subtracting the two equations. By looking at the equations given (2y-2x-8 = 0 and 3y-18-3x = 0), we can choose to eliminate either the x or y variable. Let's choose to eliminate the x variable: Multiply the first equation by 3 and the second equation by 2 to make the coefficients of x the same: 6y - 6x - 24 = 0 6y - 36 - 6x = 0 Now we can subtract the second equation from the first equation to eliminate x: (6y - 6x - 24) - (6y - 36 - 6x) = 0 Simplify to get -12 = 0, which is a false statement. Therefore, the system of equations is inconsistent and has no solution.

Why is linear equations called linear equations?

Because its linear and the equation is a problem to solve

How do you solve the equations a x 492x?

It cannot be solved because it is not an equation.

How are the rules for solving inequalities similar to those for solving equations?

Solving inequalities and equations are the same because both have variables in the equation.

How does solving a literal equation differ from solving a linear equation?

Because linear equations are based on algebra equal to each other whereas literal equations are based on solving for one variable.

Why are linear equations called linear equations?

Because, if plotted on a Cartesian plane, all solutions to the equation would lie on a straight line.

Why x-3 equals 0 is non homogeneous?

Because homogeneous equations normally refer to differential equations. The one in the question is not a differential equation.

Why do you use square roots to solve quadratic equations?

Because it's part of the quadratic equation formula in finding the roots of a quadratic equation.

Why does y equal to1?

Because some equations have this to happen. And in this case your equation makes y=1

Is y equals 3x a linear equation?

Yes, because non-linear equations involve x2.

How do you solve the equation 4x7y over x plus y22 using elimination?

With great difficulty because without any equality sign the given terms can't be considered to be an equation.