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If: x^2 +2x -8 then it is (x-2)(x+4) when factored

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Q: When the expression x power by 2 plus 2x-8 is factoredthe two roots will equal?
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What is 4x to the 2 power - 3x -3?

It is a quadratic expression in x which has no real roots.

What is radical expression?

an alg expression involving square roots, cube roots, etc

What is x to the power of 2 plus 10X minus 4 factored?

There is no simple factorisation because the quadratic expression does not have rational roots. Irrational roots are not used in factorisation.

When the roots are equal of a quadratic equation?

Write the quadratic equation in the form ax2 + bx + c = 0 The roots are equal if and only if b2 - 4ac = 0. The expression, b2-4ac is called the [quadratic] discriminant.

How many roots does a quadratic equation in one variable have?

A quadratic equation has two roots. They may be similar or dissimilar. As the highest power of a quadratic equation is 2 , there are 2 roots. Similarly, in the cubic equation, the highest power is 3, so it has three equal or unequal roots. So the highest power of an equation is the answer to the no of roots of that particular equation.

How do you determine the values for which a rational expression is undefined?

A rational expression is not defined whenever the denominator of the expression equals zero. These will be the roots or zeros of the denominator.

How do you find roots of z5 using demorves theorem?

z5 is an expression, not an equation and so cannot have roots.

What is a mathematical expression involving irrational roots?


In math what is the expression containing irrational roots?


What are equal sized branching roots called?


Which two values of x are roots of the polynomial x2 plus 3x - 5?

x2 + 3x - 5 is an expression, not an equation. An equation may have roots, an expression does not. However, x2 + 3x - 5 = 0 is an equation and its roots are -4.1926 and 1.1926 (approx).

What is the rational algebraic expressions?

A rational expression is an expression that includes only additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions. Some of the things that will make an expression irrational (not rational) are square roots, higher-level roots, non-integer powers, exponentials (powers in which the variable expression occurs in the exponent), and common functions such as logarithms or trigonometric functions.

What does the expression 'deep roots' mean?

It means to have deep origins.

What is an equal sized branching root called?

Theses roots which develop from the stem are equal in size.They are known as a adventitious,roots which give rise to branch or lateral roots and form a adventitious

How would you describe the roots when b2-4ac is 0?

The roots will be equal

How many real roots exist if the discriminant of the equation plus 0?

If the discriminant of a quadratic equal is zero then it will have two equal roots.

Factor the expression 100A2 - 49B2?

100a2 - 49b2 is the difference of two perfect squares. Therefore, it is equal to the sum times the difference of the roots: (10a + 7b)(10a - 7b)

How many roots does y x2 - 6x 9 have?

It has two equal roots which are 3

What are coincident roots?

Coincident is two linear measures resting exactly on top of each other. Coincident roots are roots that are equal to each other.

What are equal factors?

square roots

How will you describe the method of finding the feasible solution or roots of rational algebraic expression?

if i ask

If the roots are real then which type of vibrations will occur in damped systems?

real roots= Overdamped equal roots= critically damped complex roots /imaginary roots = Underdamped

What is the difference between a polynomial and radical expression?

A polynomial is an expression of various exponentials of a variable wich may or may nor have coefficients and constants. The coefficients may have a radical, square root, cube root etc, but not the variable. A radical expression is any expression involving square roots, cube roots, etc. These may have the variable inside the radical but do not have to have them. sq root (5) is a radical expression, so is sq root (x) 3x2 + 2x - 9 is a polynomial, so is x + sq root (5)

What is the value of m in 25x2-20x plus m equals 0 so that the two roots are equal?

4 and the two equal roots are 2/5 and 2/5

When the graph of a quadratic equation has its turning point on the x-axis how many roots does it have?

It will have two equal roots.