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If it's 200 rounded to nearest ten, then the number must be between 195 and 205. Only 199 has the correct digit sum.

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Q: When this 3-digit number is rounded to the nearest hundred it rounds to 200 Rounded to the nearest ten this number rounds to the 200 The sum of the digits of this number is 19 What is the number?
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What is the even 3digit number that when rounded to the nearest 10Th equals 200?

196, 198, 202, 204

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It is: 100

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111,112,121,211,122,212,221,222,113,131,311,133,313,331,333,223,232,322,233,323,332,123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321

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18.You can answer it easily by considering three places for three digits of the number.The hundreds place cannot take zero hence it can take 2 values.The next two places can take all the three digits.Hence the total number of ways is 2*3*3=18.

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