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9 and 18. 9+18=27. 18 divided by 2=9.

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Q: When two numbers are added the sum is 27 one of the numbers is half of the number what are the two numbers?
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The sum of two numbers is 92 one fifth of the first number added to one half of the secound number is 34 find the two numbers?


The sum of two numbers is 92 One fifth of the first number added to one half of the second number is 34 Find the two numbers?


The sum of 2 numbers is 92 one fifth of the 1st number added to half of the second number is 34 find the 2 numbers?

40 and 52

What is one half of a number added to two thirds of the same number if it equals 21?


What is the median number in a list that has an odd number of entries?

It's the one number on the list for which half of the other numbers on the list are bigger than it is, and the other half of the numbers on the list are smaller than it is.

What is the relation between mean median?

mean = all the numbers added together, divided by the number of numbers median = the middle number - get the numbers in chronological ( smallest 2 biggest) order, then if its odd number of numbers, its the middle one if its even number of numbers, then its the middle two, added together divided by two

What is one half as a mixed number?

It can't be one. Mixed numbers are greater than one.

What two numbers when added equal 30?

half of 30 is 15, so 15 added to 15 would equal 30. if you go from there and add one number and subtract one number from each 15 (14 plus 16, 13 plus 17, ect...all the way to 0 plus 30) these numbers will also total to 30.

Is there an irrational number between one third and one half?

There are more irrational numbers in that interval than there are rational numbers in total!

Can negative one half be a rational number?

Yes - all numbers that can be written as ratios, even negative numbers, are rational numbers.

Is one and one and a half an irrational or rational number?

1.5 is rational. Rational numbers are numbers that can be written as a fraction. Irrational numbers cannot be expressed as a fraction.

The largest number that can be represented by one byte is?

The biggest number that can be represented in one byte is 11111111. Binary numbers have the ability to added together in a fashion similar to decimal numbers.

What is before and after half in numbers or age example 15 and a half and how would you write it?

To write the number fifteen and one half in numbers you could write it as: 15 1/2 or as 15.5

Which number is one-half of the way between 2.2 and 8.5?

To get the number one-half of the way between you add the numbers together and divide by 2, leaving you with 5.35

What 5 odd numbers equal 30 when added and you can use the odd numbers more than once?

There are no 5 odd numbers that when added together make 30.Two odd numbers added together make an even numberAn odd number plus and even number makes an odd number.From the five odd numbers:Take two of them and add them together getting an even number and four odd numbersAdd another of the odd numbers to this even number and you will have three odd numbersAdd two of these together and you will have one even and one odd number.Finally add these odd and even numbers together and the result will be an odd numberBut 30 is an even number, so cannot be the sum of five (or any odd number of) odd numbers.

Can the product of two mixed numbers be a whole number?

Yes one and one third times one and one half

What is the answer to jerome added 2 numbers. the sunm was 83. one of the numbers was 45. what was the other number?


When two numbers multiply the result is increases but when you mutiply .5 and.5 the answer get decreases that is .25 how?

The number .5 means half. So, if you take half of something, that is less than the entire thing, right? And half of half is a quarter. Multiplication only makes numbers larger when you multiply numbers that are greater than one. If you multiply by one the number doesn't change. If you multiply by less than one, you make the number smaller.

What does meanmean in mathmatics?

all of The giving numbers added up in to one divide by the numbera of how many number are there

What is the last written number before infinite?

There isn't one. Numbers don't stop. There doesn't exist a number so large that one can't be added to it.

The sum of two numbers is 70 One number is 8 more than the other Whats the smaller number?

Well, split 70 in half: 35 + 35. Add 4 (half of the 8) to one half: 39. Subtract 4 (the other half of 8) from the other half: 31. The smaller number is 31.

What is 100 times 16 and one and a half?

That's a list of two numbers. The first number is 1,600 . The second number is 1.5 .

What number is between half and one on a numberline?

numbers like .5 .6 .7 .8 .9

What is the mixed number for two half?

2/2 = 1 Mixed numbers are greater than one.

What is the sum of 35967?

The sum of two numbers is the result when the two numbers are added together. As only one number has been provided in this question, 35967 is the answer.