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in 1902 by Charles calculus

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2011-09-14 10:05:21
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Q: When was the first attempt to build a calculator?
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Who first attempted to build a Panama canal How did their attempt go?


Who invented the first hand-held calculator in 1967?

In 1967, first handheld calculator invented by a Texas Instruments group lead by Jack Kilby, who in July of 1958, build an integrated chip

Why was the first attempt to build the panama canal a disaster?

it is a disaster because 15000 soldiers came in and killed everyone who tried to build it.

How do you make a calculator?

Depends on whatever you wan't build it for the computer, or build it completely from hardware.You can very easily create your own calculator for PC with Visual Basic 2010. And for Mac you can use xCodeFor the hardware version Google:"How to build a calculator +electronics"

Where was the calculator first launched?

The first calculator was never launched, because it was in fact a mechanical calculator.

Where did Blaise Pascal build the mechanical calculator?

Blaise built the calculator in france in a town called rouen.

What was the very first calculator used?

The very first calculator ever used could be an abicus, an electronic calculator, or even your brain. The first calculator invented was the abacus.

What mathematician made the first calculator and where was the first calculator made?

Blaise Pascal

What are facts about the first computer?

the first computer filled up a large room and it was a calculator with memorythanks!!Charles Babbage invented it but he didn't build it, he tried many times but failed.

Who invented first mechanical digital calculator?

who invented the first mechanical digital calculator

Was the first calculator called blaise pascal?

No, it wasn't. The first calculator was called the pascaline.

Abacus who invented it when was it build and for what purpose?

the chinese and it is for counting. it is the original calculator

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