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Q: When would you use an absorbance graph?
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Why do chemists prefer to read the absorbance rather than the percent transmittance of lght when analyzing a sample having a visible color?

Because when you graph a molar concentration vs. absorbance graph, the graph is linear, making the graph easier to read.

How does mixing dye affect the absorption spectrum?

They do not form a logical absorbance graph

What does Wavelenght vs absorbance graph depicts in u-v spectroscopy?

A wavelength vs absorbance graph depicts in uv spectroscopy shows the different colored wavelenths of UV light and how they are absorbed and percieved, and which ones are visible and which ones are not.

What type of graph would you use to display the ages of students in your classroom?

The type of graph you would use would be a PICTURE GRAPH or a TALLY CHART

What would a scientist not use a graph for?

A scientist would not use a graph to explain the methodology.

What would a scientist use a graph for?

A scientist would not use a graph to explain the methodology.

What is absorbance vs concentration?

Absorbance refers to a measure of the capacity associated with a substance as regards absorption of light of a specified wavelength. Whenever you plot a graph of absorbance vs. concentration a direct relationship should be produced

What graph would you use to show monthly temperature for the year?

You can use a bar graph or a line graph.

What type of graph do you use when you are comparing things that is not a double bar graph?

you would use a line graph

What is the specific absorbance of aspirin?

If you have a spectrofotometer ( the thing to mesure the absorbance) then play with the setting and use a maximum. this will lay close to your specific absorbance or take the pharmacopea or a MERCK index

What graph would you use to graph mph and miles of a trip?

line graph

Why you use semi-log graph over normal graph?

why would you use a semi-logarithmic graph instead of a linear one?what would the curve of the graph actually show?