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the number is 43:

43:7=6 remainder 1

43:9=4 remainder 7

43:11=3 remainder 10

Also possible: 241, 439, 637, 835, 1033, 1231, 1429, 1627, 1825, 2023, 2221, 2419, 2617, 2815, 3013, 3211, 3013, 3211, 3409, 3607... where number is 198xN+43 and N is positive integer number

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Q: When you divide the number by 7 the remainder is 1. When you divide the number by 9 the remainder is 7. When you divide the number by 11 the remainder is 10?
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When you divide by 11 what is the largest possible remainder?


What is the possible biggest remainder when you divide any number by 12?


If you divide a whole number by three what is the largest possible for the remainder?

If you take any four consecutive numbers and divide them by 3, the remainders are as follows: 9/3 = 3 10/3 = 3 remainder 1 11/3 = 3 remainder 2 12/3 = 4 Therefore, the highest remainder you can have by dividing a whole number is 2.

Can a remainder be a 2 digit number?

Yes- A remainder can be any number less than the dividend (the number by which the divisor is divided). An example of a 2 digit number is: 131/11=11 remainder 10.

How do you divide a number and get the remainder?

You use multiplication. Example: Problem is- 11 divided by 2. You would take the 2 and times it by 5, (2x5=10) with a remainder of 1 to equal 11. The answer is 5 with a remainder of 1. Mathematics is a great subject, there are so many ways of calculating and deriving answers and generate the same answer. Here's another way of doing it, 11 divided by 2 11 is not divisible by 2 but 10 is , there are 5 2's in 10 and that remains 1 as your remainder therefore, 11 / 2 = 5 remainder 1 tip: if you are dividing a number , look for the nearest multiple of the number and then the remaining is your remainder. You can have an answer as well with a decimal and that would be another lesson. hope this helps

What is improper fraction as a mixed number without a remainder?

If your improper fraction does not produce a remainder when you divide it, then it's just a whole number. 22/11 = 2

When you divide by 6 can the remainder be 5 why or why not?

Yes, you can have a remainder of 5 when you divide by 6. If you divide 11 by 6, it will go into it one time with a remainder of 5.

Why is 22 the LCM of 11 and 2?

Because 22 is the smallest number that both 2 and 11 divide into evenly with no remainder.

How is the LCM of 3 and 11 thirtythree?

Because 33 is the smallest number that both 3 and 11 divide into evenly with no remainder.

What is eleven tenths as a mixed number?

Divide the numerator by the denominator, using integer division. The result is the integer; put the remainder over the denominator. Thus, 11/10 = 1 1/10.

What is the largest remainder possible if a number is divided by 11?

The largest [integer] remainder is 10. If the remainder was any more you would get one (or more) lots of 11.

What number can be divided by 5 and get a remainder of 4 divided by 9 and have a remainder of and can be divided by 11 and get a remainder of 9?

85. A number when divided by 238, leaves a remainder 79. What will be the remainder when the number is divided bv 17 ? (1) 8 (2) 9 (3) 10 @) 11