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Yes, you can have a remainder of 5 when you divide by 6. If you divide 11 by 6, it will go into it one time with a remainder of 5.

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2012-10-17 02:50:54
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Q: When you divide by 6 can the remainder be 5 why or why not?
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What do you divide by 6 to get 8 remainder 5?

53 divided by 6 equals 8 with a remainder of 5

What number when divide by 7 has a remainder of 6 and when divided by 6 has a remainder of 5?


What is the remainder when 2567 is divide by 6?


When you divide 32 by 5 what is the remainder?

32 divided by 5 is 6 with remainder 2.

What is the largest remainder when dividing by 6 and explain?

The largest remainder when dividing by 6 is 5. This is true because if the remainder is 6, the 6 would divide into the number again. For example: 35 divided by 6 is 5 remainder 5. 36 divided by 6 cannot be 5 remainder 6 because 6 will divide into 36 again. The answer would be 6.

What is 32 divide by 6 with a remainder?


What is the least positive number that you can divide by 7 and get a remainder of4 anddivide by 8 and get a remainder of 5 and divide by 9 and get a remainder of 6?


When you divide by 6 can 5 be the remainder?

Yes - any number one fewer than a multiple of 6 will give a remainder of 5. For example, 11/6 = 1 remainder 5. 17/6 = 2 remainder 5.

What is the largest remainder if you divide by 7?

The largest integer remainder is 6.

How do you Divide 1247 by 6?

The quotient is 207 with a remainder of 5

Which number we divide by 5 or 6 we've a remainder of 2?


How do sovle a math divisibility riddle and examples?

my umber is between 1 and 25 When you divide my number by 7, the remainder is 3 when you divide my number by 6, the remainder is 5 when you divide my number by 5, the remainder is w what's my number?

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