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Positive, for example -1*-1=1

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Q: When you multiply an even number of negatives the answer is?
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What number of negatives do you have to multiply or divide to get a positive answer?

Any even number

When you multiply 2 negatives numbers do you get a positive number?


How do you simplify negative numbers with positive exponents?

If the exponent is an even number you can drop the negative, because is you were to multiply it out the negatives would cancel out.

Multiply a negative number by a negative number?

a positive number..... 2 negatives=positive

What can you conclude about multiplication with negative numbers?

If you multiply a negative number with a positive number, the result will be negative. If you multiply two negatives, the result will be positive.

What if you multiply an even number and even number what kind of number do you get?

If you multiply any even number by an even number, the product is an even number.

How do you multiply with negative numbers?

If you are multiplying a negative number times a negative number, you multiply regularly but the answer in negative. If you are multipling 2 negatives, you multiply it regularly, again, but the answer is positive, and if u multiply 2 positives, obviously its a positive.

If you multiply 5 positive numbers and 1 negative number what sign will the product have?

With an odd number of negative numbers included in the equation, the product is always negative; if there is an even number of negatives, it would be positive. This is because it takes two negatives to cancel each other out and make a positive, but with an odd amount, one is left uncancelled.

What number do you get when you multiply an odd number and an even number?

An even number.

When you multiply an even number by an odd number what would it be?

an even number.

What happens when you multiply an odd number with an even number?

You get an even number as your answer.

How do you find the product of two numbers when one is posivite and one is negative?

The product is negative. An odd number of negatives means the answer will be negative. An even number of negatives means the answer will be positive.