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If you multiply any even number by an even number, the product is an even number.

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Q: What if you multiply an even number and even number what kind of number do you get?
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Can even square numbers mutiply into an odd number?

Even square numbers are even, by definition. Two even numbers multiplied together give an even number so no, they cannot multiply to give an odd number. You have to multiply an even number by an odd number to do this.

Are the multiples of an even number always even?

Yes, assuming you're multiplying it by another integer. By definition, an even number is a multiple of two. When you multiply it be another round number, that even number becomes a factor of the result. That means any factors of that even number (one of them being two), will also be factors of the result, thus giving you another even number. If however you multiply by a non-integer, you may very well end up with something that is not an even number. For example, 6 is an even number, but 6 × 1.5 will give you 9, which is not an even number.

How do you work out the 100th even number?

The first even number is 1*2.The second even number is 2*2 and so on. So the hundredth even number is 100*2 = 200.

How do you multiply by a odd number and prime number?

There is nothing special about either of those. Multiply them as you would any other numbers.

An odd number plus an odd number is what kind of number?

An odd number plus an odd number will be an even number. Odd number A is (even number + 1) Odd number B is (even number + 1) A + B = (even number + 1) + (even number + 1) = even number + even number + 2 Since all even numbers are divisible by 2 and 2 is divisible by 2, each part of the result is divisible by 2, so the sum as a whole is divisible by 2, which means it is an even number.