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Q: When you multiply decimals do you move to right or left?
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How does place value affect decimals when you multiply?

it affects because when you multiply you have to move the decimals to the left or right.......(helpful info)

What is 1.5 as percent?

1.5 is 150%. We move percentages two places left to make decimals. We move two places to the right on decimals to make percentages.

How do you multiply and divide decimals by powers of ten?

move the decimal point how much zeros that is in the number multiply to the Right, divide to the Left 18.75 X 100= 1875 !8.75/100= 0.1875

What is similar when you multiply decimals and divided decimals by powers of ten?

You move the decimal place by as many positions as the number in the exponent.Examples (using "^" for powers): * To multiply by 10^5, you move the decimal point 5 positions to the right. * To multiply by 10^(-6), you move the decimal point 6 positions to the left. * To divide by 10^6 is the same as to multiply by the reciprocal - by 10^(-6). See the previous example.

Multiply decimals by 0.01?

Move the point two places left; eg 3465.76 x 0.01 = 34.6576

What do you multiply a number by to move the move the decimal place to the right?

Multiply by ten to move the decimal one place to the right. Multiply by 100 to move two places to the right. Divide by ten to move it one place to the left.

How do you express decimals to percent?

Multiply by 100 (move the decimal point twice to the right). For example, 0.50 = 50%

How do you change 6.25 from percent to decimals?

If you mean 6.25 percent, then you just divide by 100 (move the decimal point 2 places to the left). If you mean 6.25, then multiply by 100 (move the decimal point 2 places to the right)

How to multiply decimals by 10?

You move the decimal the amounts of zeros it has to the right. so if the number is 1.8 x 10= you move the decimal one to the right since it has one zero, then you multiply and get 18.0 its easier with a calculator but its still easy :)

Why Move the decimal point to the right when you multiply?

The reason is because you have to make the number bigger when you multiply. When you move the decimal to the right you make the number bigger, when you move it to the left you make it smaller. Therefore, when you divide you must move the decimal to the left.

How do you determine the placement of your decimal in your final answer multiply?

However many digits are after the decimals, that's how many times you move it to the left. For example: 1.38 x 9.24. When you get the product, you would move the decimal 4 places to the left because you have 4 digits after decimals. Hope this helps! (:

How do you mulitiply decimals?

You multiply the numbers like usual, but when putting in the decimal you move it one digit left for every digit right of it in the original numbers. Example:if you multiply .4x.4, 4x4 is 16, and you move the decimal 2 digits over (because of the position of the fours are past it) and it becomes .16