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ADA detectable warnings are required in many areas of public spaces such as pedestrian crossings, escalator approaches, curb ramps, transit platforms, parking areas, stair landings, and many more.

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Q: Where are detectable warning tiles required?
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What is functions of detectable warning?

One of the most important functions of detectable warnings is to be visual, meaning there is a color contrast between the tactile warning surface and the surrounding concrete surface.

What are advantage of ADA truncated domes?

ADA truncated domes is they are easily detectable. They come in different colors to help normal people to get the alert sign. Visually impaired people can detect the warning sign on moving on the tiles.

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What materials are used in Cast Iron Detectable Warning ADA Solutions?

There are different types of material use in manufacture ADA tiles, but iron is one most of material and effective option. The most benefits of cast iron is that they are long lasting and important for people walking between a sidewalk and a street.

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