Where did euclid taught?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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At a school in Alexandria,Egypt

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Q: Where did euclid taught?
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What was euclid's job?

Euclid taught in a school he founded in Alexandria in ancient Egypt.

Did euclid live in Egypt true or false?

True, Euclid taught in Alexandria, in Ancient Egypt.

How do you use Euclid's elements today?

Euclid's Elements is the basis of most geometry taught in schools today.

What is the thing which is taught by Euclid to the humans?

The unspeakable name of God.

What did Euclid of Alexandria teach?

euclid taught mathmetics which is a fancy way of saying MATH! NOW CAN SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE ANSWER THIS, THIS IS FOR HPMEWORK

Much of what is still taught today in geometry came from Euclid's works?


Is it true that much of what is still taught today in geometry came from Euclid?


What was Euclid's most significant contribution to field of mathematics?

Euclid wrote "The Elements", in which he made many rules that define the geometry taught in schools today.

When did Euclid leave his birth place?

Little is known of Euclid's personal life. He is known to have taught in Alexandria in ancient Egypt between 305 and 285 BC.

What made Euclid famous?

Euclid is remembered mostly for his work, Elements, which is a collation of all the mathematics known at the time when he lived and taught at the University in Alexandria in Egypt.

The material in Euclid's The Elements is considered outdated and is rarely taught in the modern classroom?


How are Euclid's concepts useful today?

Euclid is considered one of the greatest thinkers of all time. His Euclidean geometry is still one of the many techniques in Geometry that are taught today. His elements taught plane and solid geometry, algebra as well as number theory.