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The term is derived from Greek word 'isoskelḗs' which means 'with equal legs'.

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Q: Where did the term isosoles triangle come from?
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Related questions

What is a triangle that has 2 congruent sides?

either an isosoles or a equilateral triangle

What does isosoles mean?

a triangle with two sides that are the same length

What are some math words that start with the letter I?

* integer * isosoles triangle

What has two equal sides and two equal angles?

Isosoles triangle

What are the 3 classifications of triangle like equilateral?

Unilateral & Isosoles

What is an isosoles triangle?

a triangle that looks like this ,,,,,,,,/\ ,,,,,,, 3cm /--\ 3cm ,,,,,,/----\ ,,,,, ,,,,,-------,,,,,,

What are the different kinds of angles and triangle according to size and its angles?

Angles: acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle Triangles: isosoles triangle, scalene triangle, equadrital triangle, right triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle

What are some shapes that begin with the letter l?

isosoles triangleAn Isosceles trianglelozenge

How many degrees does a isosoles have?

An isosceles triangle has interior angles of 180 degrees and exterior angles of 360 degrees

What is the angle formed by the legs of an isosoles triangle?

No angle is defined, only that two sides are the same length. Also, the two base angles are congruent.

How many pairs of parallel lines does a isosoles triangle?

An isosceles triangle has no parallel sides but it does have 2 sides of equal lengths

Is a isosoles trapezoid a kite?


What is the polygon term for a triangle?

A triangle is a 3 sided polygon

What is the Nth term for a triangle number?

The Nth term for a triangle number is: 0.5n(n+1)

Does the mean of triangle bisect the area of triangle?

The answer depends on what you mean by "mean of triangle". There is no such geometric term.

Is there a specific term for a triangle with rounded points?

A triangle with VERY round points is a circle. There is no geometric term for a triangle with rounded points, but a triangle with rounded sides is known as a Reuleaux triangle. It is similar to the shape used for the piston in a rotary engine.

What term best describes a triangle with two perpendicular sides?

right triangle

Another name for a regular triangle?

A regular triangle is an equilateral triangle. It can also be be called equiangular but that term is not used much.

Where did the name for a triangle come from?

Tri means three. And there are three angles to a triangle.

Realating is an aragram for which mathematical term?

A Triangle

What is the math term for a triangle?

triangular polygon

Why is an equilateral scalene triangle impossible?

The Term Equalateral means that all the sides are the same length. A scalene triangle is a triangle where none of the sides are the same.

What is another word for triangle?

The term "trigon" is another word for triangle. Related terms are trilateral and deltoid.

What is the Medical term meaning resembling a triangle?

DeltoidMedical word for resembling a triangle is: Deltoid

What will be the center of mass of triangle of height from the apex?

it would come down to the type of triangle.