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The basic theory of imaginary numbers is that because (-) numbers squared are the same as (+) numbers squared there is not a correct continueos line on a graph.

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Q: Where does the negative sign go in imaginary numbers?
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Do percent signs go inside or outside parenthesis for negative numbers?

I believe the parentheses eliminate the need for the negative sign. For example: negative $100,000 would be expressed $(100,000). Using the negative sign, it would read: -$100,000.

How do you mulyiply and divide negative numbers by positive numbers?

1). First, ignore the signs. Just go ahead and multiply or divide the numbers as if they were both positive.Then, when you have that answer . . .2). If both of the original numbers had the same sign, then the answer is positive.If the original numbers had different signs, then the answer is negative.

What is a real number times itself that results in a negative number?

You can't square a number and get a negative result unless you go into the world of imaginary numbers: i is the sqrt of -1 so sqrt, for example -5, = i root 5.

What are negative numbers?

Negative numbers are numbers that go below.say you have 3 and take away 4 that would take you to negative 1 .

How are positive and negative numbers placed on a number line?

Positive numbers go to the right of zero, negative numbers go to the left of zero.

What numbers go on and on past the point where they can be calculated are called what?

Numbers like these ( pi, phi, imaginary number i ), are called IRRATIONAL NUMBERS.

What is the rule for adding 2 negative integers?

The rule is if a number is positive you add them. EX: 4+4=8 But if the numbers are both negative... you forget the plus sign and just put the numbers together and use whatever sign they have. EX: -4-4= -8 you see? you are adding them put if they are negative, they go down the number line. not up. Just picture a number line, if you add a negative number to an already negative number, wouldn't the number go to the left? The answer is yes. Yes it would. :)

What was the number that is essential in order to use negative numbers?

the number is 10000 because that is what negative numbers go up to

In order from greatest to least which will go first 7 or -5?


Step by Step how to multiply negative numbers?

how to multiply negative numbers. 1. multiply the two numbers and first forget about the negative or positive signs. 2. Now look at the signs, if both numbers you multiplied were negative the answer is positive so what you have in step 1 above is the answer, if not, go to step 3. 3. One number is positive and one is negative so take your answer in step one and put a negative sign in front of it. 4. If there are more than 2 numbers, group them by pairs any way you want and follow this step by step for each pair.

Is there a smallest integer that is negative?

No. Numbers go on forever.

What is the middle number of all numbers?

It is zero because the positive numbers go on forever as well as the negative numbers so zero in not positive nor negative.