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There is not cos2 button on a TI-83 plus. You will need to enter the cosine function and then square it. (Press the x2 button to get the squared function.)

To type cos2(90) on a TI-83 plus, for example, type:


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Q: Where is cos2 on a ti-83 plus calculator?
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What is the difference between a ti-84 calculator then a ti-83 calculator?

Well, ti83s don't have archive memory(ti83 plus does though) while ti84 has archive. Ti84s allow you to start a two digit label with a letter, while ti83 doesn't, which is why there is an ERR:VERSION when you try to transfer programs with labels like A4 from ti84 to ti83. Also, ti84s default connection cord is different from that of them ti83, and ti84 uses a mini-USB as ti83 uses a different one, the one labeled 'I/O' on the ti84.

What is the solution to cos2 plus cos2tan2 equals 1?

cos2 + cos2tan2 = cos2 + cos2*sin2/cos2 = cos2 + sin2 which is identically equal to 1. So the solution is all angles.

Batteries on ti83?

The TI-83 calculator uses 4 AAA batteries.

How do you make a TI83 calculate wrong?

You cannot. A calculator is programmed. It is made to calculate correctly.

Is there an online TI-83 graphing calculator?

There are online graphing calculators. However, as of writing, there is no emulated TI83 that runs within your browser. On the other hand, if you have a Ti83, it is possible to copy its ROM to run an emulated TI83 on your desktop via one of many emulators.

Your Ti-83 plus calculator not powering up?

change the batteries! There are two types of batteries in the ti83 calculator -- ordenary AAA batteries and one flat one. Buy new ones and change ... or else be more specific when asking. Yenn, DK

What does negative sine squared plus cosine squared equal?

To determine what negative sine squared plus cosine squared is equal to, start with the primary trigonometric identity, which is based on the pythagorean theorem...sin2(theta) + cos2(theta) = 1... and then solve for the question...cos2(theta) = 1 - sin2(theta)2 cos2(theta) = 1 - sin2(theta) + cos2(theta)2 cos2(theta) - 1 = - sin2(theta) + cos2(theta)

How does 1-sin squared x times 1 plus tan suared x equals 1?

Use these identities: sin2(x) + cos2(x) = 1, and tan(x) = sin(x)/cos(x) For clarity, the functions are written here without their arguments (the "of x" part). (1 - sin2) = cos2 (1 + tan2) = (1 + sin2/cos2) = (cos2+sin2) / cos2 = 1/cos2 Multiply them: (cos2) times (1/cos2) = 1'QED'

Can you replace the TI83 with a cheaper calculator in High School math classes?

It will depend on the class. Nothing is impossible without the TI83, but some classes might require it so you can graph and write programs to go along with the math curriculum.

Can you do fractions on a ti83 plus?

yes use the FRAC key (it's next to ☺)

How do you enter data into TI83 to find explained variation total variation?

Some TI83's can be set up differently, so it is highly recommendable to read the user guide for the TI83 in question. The user would need to go into the VarStat option and enter all the appropriate fields to have the calculator bring in the appropriate variables and totals.

Does the TI83 use an operating system?

No. I believe TI83+ and TI84 do use an operating system.

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