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to the right of it

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Q: Where is negative 2.1 on a number line in front of or behind negative 3?
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What are negative decimals?

A decimal that has a negative sign in front of it, for example -0.5 would be a negative decimal, on a number line it would be to the left of 0.

To add a negative number in which direction do you count on the number line?

Adding a negative number is the equivalent to moving to the left on a negative-positive number line.

What is the greaest or least from the number line negative or greater?

what is the greatest or least from the number line negative or greater

Explain what opposite numbers are?

They are the numbers that are placed on a number line that are exact same distance away from 0

When you subtract a negative number from another negative number do you get a positive or a negative number?

always a negative number. just think about going backwards on a number line.

How do you know which one is the atomic number?

It is usually the biggest number in each elements box otherwise it is the number that is next in line from the one in front or behind the next element

Why is the number line of a number is never negative?

A number line can have both positive and negative numbers. You can put the number line in any position, but often it is represented so that numbers to the right of zero are positive, and numbers to the left of zero, negative.

What is a negative subtracted by a negative?

Subtracting a negative number has the same effect as adding a positive number - think of it as moving right on a number line whereas, subtracting a positive number will move you left on a number line.

What are some negative integers between a positive one on the number line?

There are no negative integers between positive ones on the number line.

What is the definition for negative numbers?

Negative Number- is any real number less then zero on a number line.

What is an integer number line?

a number line that has both a positive side and a negative side.

Do you subtract a negative and a negative?

yesrer324: it depends what way you mean. look at it like this.taking away a negative number from a negative number means you would go up the number number line just as positive numbers go up the number line.

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