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# 1 piston is on the driver's side front plug. Turn the engine over until that piston is at top dead center, (TDC) on the compression stroke. Now look inside the distributor. The rotor will be pointing at #1. At about 11 o' clock on the distibutor. NEW ANSWER: The first answer is right, and if the Distributor is in correctly when you

look stright down on the cap #1 will be at 5oclock on the cap.

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Q: Where is the number one on the rotor cap?
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Where is the number one position on the rotor cap for a ford 400 V8?

The # 1 position faces to the REAR and slightly towards the drivers side on the Ford 400 cubic inch V8 engine distributor cap

Where is distributor number one located on a Chevy 350?

Remove # 1 Spark Plug Rotate Engine Until #1 Is At Top Dead Center. Both Exh & Intake Valves Closed. Remove Cap, Check Rotor Button. It Will Be Pointing Where # One Goes. If You Are Not This Far Into A Problem. The Number One Cylinder Is The First One On Your Right Facing The Engine. Follow The Wire This Is Where It Is In The Cap.

Which post is number one on the distributer of a Ford 5.0L that is made in 1994 or earlier?

There should be a # 1 mark on the distributor cap The distributor cap is installed with the # 1 position facing the engine , slightly towards drivers side The distributor rotor rotates COUNTER CLOCKWISE and the spark plug firing order is ( 1 - 5 - 4 - 2 - 6 - 3 - 7 - 8 )

Where is the number one located on a 1985 distributor cap?

first of all you need to know what kind of engine you are working on

How to install distributor on 1999 K1500 you need step by step help?

On the distributor shaft, there is a painted mark, aline this with the two holes in the distributor shaft, located just below the gear. Mark the outside of the distributor where the rotor is pointed. On the inside of the distributor, you will find two cast marks, one stamped with an 8 and the other with a 6. For V-8's rotate the rotor until it is aligned with the 8. Now mark this location on the outside of the distributor. They should be about 45 degrees apart. The first mark is the direction the rotor should be pointing when you begin to install the distributor. When the distributor is fully seated, the rotor should be pointed to the 8 and the second mark. Snug the distributor into place and place the distributor cap on and tighten the screws for the cap. The plug wire post should be perpendicular to the center line of the engine.

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What position does the rotor go under the distributor cap?

On number one terminal, put engine at tdc on 1. If engine/rotor hasn't moved, leave rotor alone.

Why is there no spark coming out of distributor on number 8 cylinder on a 1987 Chevy truck already replaced wires plugs cap rotor button?

If you have spark at all but one plug, the problem is with that plug, wire, cap or rotor.

Where does the rotor point to on a 351?

As on any automobile engine, the rotor turns in a 360 degree circle. When the piston for the number one cylinder is at top dead center on the compression stroke the rotor should point to the number one spark plug tower of the distributor cap.

What position is the rotor after timing the cams with the crank shaft.?

Standard is that it is pointing at the number one position on the distributor cap.

What is the 350 Chevy number one cylinder and what is the number one on distributor cap?

Number one cylinder is located driver's side front of engine. With the # 1 piston at TDC on the compression stroke, the rotor will be pointing at #1 plug on cap.Number one cylinder is located driver's side front of engine. With the # 1 piston at TDC on the compression stroke, the rotor will be pointing at #1 plug on cap.

Number one location on 1985 4.3L Chevy truck distribitor cap?

You need to find TDC then remove cap and see where rotor button is pointing.

Where is no 1 on the distributor cap of a 1984 Chevy 350 v8?

there is no hard fast rule here. but typically with the cap off and number one cylinder at TDC on compression stroke. the rotor will point at number one cylinder on the engine.

Where does the number one plug wire go on the distributor cap of a 1981 Chevy 350?

If you will remove the #1 plug, (driver's side front of engine), then turn that cylinder to top dead center, (TDC), on the compression stroke, you can then remove the distributor cap and look at the rotor. The rotor will now be pointing to the #1 plug position. GET THE NUMBER ONE CYLINDER TOP DEAD AND THE ROTOR IN THE DISTRIBUTOR SHOULD BE PIONTING AT IT

How do you install a rotor cap in a Chevy Silverado?

all you should have to do is take the distributor cap off, and there it is. answer take the distributor cap off, pull the old rotor off, put the new one on, put the cap back on.

Where is the rotor cap located on a 1996 astro van?

It's the distributor rotor that you are looking for & it's under the distributor cap. Remove the distributor cap and there you will find the rotor.

Where is the number one position on the rotor cap for a 1992 Jimmy V-6 4.3 liter?

i think it's right in front and center

What position should the rotor be in when it is firing in the number one position and the piston is TDC and the timing marks are 0-0?

the rotor should be pointing towards the number one plug position on the distributor cap, and the engine should be on compression stroke. If its not the motor will be 180 degrees out