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Not here.

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What would be the best color to use for an animal shelter page?

maybe backrounded with a picture of an animal, or if you cant, use green or blue.

What would be a good name for a village?

Village of the undead, or Undead Village

What has to be in a place to make it a village?

there is no specific requirement for a village, in fact a village has never been clearly defined. Most people would think a few houses surrounding a Green, a Church, a Public House all in the middle of a farming community and far away from the noisy towns and cities

Is a bomb shelter and a fallout shelter the same thing?

No. A bomb shelter is for overhead bombs dropped from planes, etc. A fallout shelter is referencing a nuclear fallout, which would mean it would be safe from radiation.

Where would you find an air raid shelter?

You would find an air raid shelter usually underground.

What happens when animals dont get adopted at a shelter?

What would happend is like if someone that works at the shelter they would take them for a period of time or they send them to another shelter.

Where would you shelter from a bomb raid?

A bomb shelter. A simplistic answer for a inane question.

What shelter did the arctic people have?

the pro answer would be an igloo for what the arctic people have for shelter.

What is a fallout shelter?

A fallout shelter is a place were people would hid there stuff

How important is shelter?

Shelter is important because it keeps you warm, dry and safe. You shelter because you would die without it.

How would you say instructions in french?

instructions = instructions, directives, prescription, notice de fonctionnement Depends on what it is :)

Where was a colony started that would be a shelter for persons with a distressed conscience?

A providence was a colony started that would be a shelter for persons with a distressed conscience.

How did the vikings make shelter?

The Vikings built Long Cabins from locally sourced wood. The centre piece of the village would be a Viking Long house which would probably been decorated with carved animals and depictions of deities. The Long House would have been used as a communal area.

How long does a surrendered cat have at a shelter before it is put down?

That varies from shelter to shelter, and even can depend on a variety of factors in each shelter. You would have to call your local one to know.

What type of the shelter does the sloth live in?

well since they live in the jungles, there shelter would be the trees.

How do clownfishes find shelter?

they do't need top they live in the sea why would they need shelter? :)

What is the shelter for a dragonfly?

the shelter of a dragon fly living in Antarctica is nothing because they would die there and iff you found them, they would be in a cube of ice.

Can you turn a kill shelter into a no kill shelter?

Yes, you can turn a kill shelter into a no kill shelter, but you would need to be prepared to find a way to care for any animals that you were unable to find homes for.

How life would change in a small village if electricity was brought to it?

talk about how life would change in small village if electricity was brought to it

What carries out instructions that operate a computer?

It would be the CPU (central processing unit) that carries out the instructions. Software is what you call the instructions.

What is the answer for what is the name of the kage of village of fire?

There is no village of fire, there is only the land of fire, where the hidden leaf village is. So the answer would technically be Hokage.

Where can I buy a smoking shelter?

You can buy a smoking shelter at Handi-Hut.com. They have many different shelter styles to choose from that would help you out, and they ship anywhere in the U.S.

What village is being attacked by trolls on runescape?

There is none. If you mean What village HAS trolls that would be Trollhiem.

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