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Q: Which of the following is the same as 4/9?
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What does -28 - -49 equal?


If an atom has 49 protons how many electrons does it have?

The same, 49 electrons

What is the median of the following set of numbers 52 49 47 49 45 44 48 53 43?


How far is Auburn from Placerville?

26 miles following SR-49 NORTH.

What is the difference of seventy-eight and negative forty-nine?

78 - (-49) is the same as 78 + 49 which equals 127

What is the 49 state that was admitted to the union?

Alaska and Hawaii came in in 1959 on the same day so they are 49 and 50.

How do you change 49 to a decimal?

It is exactly the same as in the question.

What number when times by itself and then takeaway by the same number and the answer is 42?

The answer is 7. Because 7X7=49 then 49-7= 42!

What number comes next in the following series 60 49 39 30 22?


How could you represent the following in algebraic terms 7 squared plus t?


What is symphony number 50?

It's the one by the same composer that was published immediately following the publication of his Symphony #49. Very few composers ever wrote that many symphonies.

If you have 49 protons how many electrons do you have?

if im correct u will have 126 elctrons no you will have 49 you must have the same amount if the atom is to have no charge. Protons are positive and electrons are negative, there for they have the same amount

Answer to 3x-5 plus 2x equals -49?

3x-5+2x=-49 is the same as 5x=-44 or x=-44/5

What is 49 plus 49 plus 49 plus 49 plus 49?

49 + 49 + 49 + 49 + 49 = 245 OR 49*5=245

What is the average of the following numbers 138 49 101 119 22?

The average is 85.8

How many nickels are in 49 dimes?

A dime is 10 cents and a nickel is 5 cents, so each dime is the same as 2 nickels. That means 49 dimes are equivalent to 49*2 = 98 nickels.

What is the GCF of 49 and 49?

The GCF of 49 and 49 is 49.

Are following the same or different 34rw same as 34rw?

is it the same 34Rw 34rW

What is the difference between multiplication and times?

They are actually the same thing. 7 multiplied by 7 equals 49, and 7 times 7 equals 49. They mean the same thing, but times is a less formal way of saying it.

What cannot be a probability 0 -49 0.001 14 percent?

Probabilities can only range from 0 to 1. All of the options range from 0 to 1 (14% is the same as 0.14) except -49, so -49 is not a probability.

What is lix lix-xlix?

The Roman numerals in your question have the following numerical values...LIX = 59XLIX = 49So, LIX LIX-XLIX = 59 59-49

What year did Caesar defies the Senate's order to disband his armies?

In 49 B.C. following the conclusions of hostilities in Gaul...

Find the pattern in the following numbers and enter the next number in the pattern 13 25 37 49?


How many highway miles between Reno NV and Garnerville NV?

49 miles following U.S. 395

What is the LCM of 49 and 56?

I Have the same question : The answer is 392. You get it by multiplying 49 by 56 and dividing the answer by the GCF which is 7. So 49x56/7=392