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Parallel lines

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Q: Which pair of lines on the same line plane never cross?
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What are line segments that never cross?

parallel lines

What is straight line that never cross?

parellel lines

What is a parallel horizontal line?

Its two lines that never cross eachoter

What is a parrellel line?

Parallel Lines-lines that never cross and stay the same distance apart.

What is the definition of a parallel line?

Parallel lines are at least two lines that never cross and run forever.

A line that intersects two or more lines on a plane is a?

a line that intersects two or more lines on a plane is a

When is a line perpendicular to a plane?

A line is perpendicular to a plane when it is perpendicular on two lines from the plane

What is parallel lines properties?

They have the same angle relative to any plane or line and never intersect.

What is when two lines cross?

A line cross

Are a line and a plain are needed to define parallel lines?

Algebra: If given two equations of a line, then you can assume that they are in the same plain. If the two slopes are equal, then the lines are parallel.Geometry: If given two lines in the same plane that never intersect, then these two lines are parallel. If the lines are in different planes, but never intersect, then the lines are skew.So, both definitions use lines and a plane. The answer is yes.

What does it mean for one line to be parallel to another?

The lines can be infinitely long, but they will never cross paths.

What are intersecting lines?

Any two lines that cross at a point. For this to be possible, they have to share a plane, can't be the same line, and can't be parallel (run side-by-side)

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