Which area is 01321

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Which area is 01321
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Where is telephone code 0132 from?

There is no such dialling code in the UK. There are a number of codes from 01320 to 01329 in use in several different areas. * 01320 - Fort Augustus * 01321 - unused * 01322 - Dartford * 01323 - Eastbourne * 01324 - Falkirk * 01325 - Darlington * 01326 - Falmouth * 01327 - Daventry * 01328 - Fakenham * 01329 - Fareham In all of these places the Local Number has six digits.

What is difference between retail area and carpet area?

Carpet area is carpet area and retail area is retail area

What is the umbilical area to the lumbar area?

The sternal area (the area near the breastbone) is superior to the umbilical area (the area near the bellybutton or navel.)

How do you find the pupulation density of an area?

-- Find out the population of the area. -- Find out the area of the area. -- Divide the population by the area. The result is the population density of the area.

Difference between command area and catchment area?

Area having a common drainage is catchment area, whereas area which is uses that water from common drainage area is command area.

What is the Difference between built up area and floor area?

Built up area is the area which has been developed.and floor area is the area which is about to built or about to develope.

How do you calculate area how do you calculate the area of a diagram what is area?

length x width = area

What is the voltage in your area?

the energy in the area is called ME-Kos.

How do you find the area of a circle inside a square?

all you do is find the area of the circle... if you mean find the squares area, find the area of the circle, and then the square's area and subtract the squares area to the circles area

Carpet area how to convert from builtup area?

You can convert the built up area into the carpet area by simply covering the area in a carpet.

How do you get the area of a cube if its area is 10 square inches?

The area is equal to the area, it's as simple as that.

What is the area of Limehouse Conservation Area?

The area of Limehouse Conservation Area is 768,902.7202560001 square meters.