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it's : 3 5/9

Multiply 3 and 5 to get 15 and put it over 9

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Q: Which best explains how to change 3 5-9 into an improper fraction?
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When is an improper fraction best used?

When you want to add it to another fraction.

How do you add mixed proper and improper fractions?

It is best to convert the mixed fraction to an improper fraction. They are then added together in the same way as proper fractions are added together.

How do you answer fraction problems?

The best way to answer fraction problems is with a fraction that has the same denominator or a common denominator with those in the original problem. Typically you also need to reduce it so that the final answer does not contain an improper fraction.

What is 2.1498 as a fraction?

2.1498 as a fraction is best represented as an improper fraction: 21498/10000. It can be simplified to a mixed number as 2 and 21498/10000, which further simplifies to 2 and 2697/1250.

Why in proper fraction the numerator is greater than denominator?

The best name for a fraction that has a numerator less than the denominator is common fraction. The name of a fraction with a number in the numerator greater than the denominator is improper fraction.

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