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It could be: -3/8+4x-9z as an algebraic expression

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Q: Which expression represents the algebraic phrase the sum of negative three-eighths and four times x minus nine times z?
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What is the algebraic expression for x subtracted from negative 2?

It would be -2 - x .

When is an algebraic expression considered as a non-polynomial expression?

An expression is non polynomial if it has : negative exponent fractional exponent variable exponent in the radicand

What is the algebraic expression for The sum of a number x and negative eight?

x+(-8)This simplifies to x-8

Two times the product of negative six and a number What is the algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic expression for eight times the product of negative four and a number?

It is 8*(-4)N which is -32N

Four times the product of negative eight and a number into algebraic expression?


What do the negative sign in front of the number 3s means in algebraic expression?

It means that the term for which 3 is the coefficient is meant to be subtracted.

Give two ways to write the algebraic expression of 10s?

x is non negative and x is not greater than 0

What is the part of an algebraic expression that is separated by positive or negative operations?

Each term in an algebraic expression is separated by plus & minus 5x + 4 = 12x has two different terms (5x, 4). Good answer. Actually the equation has three terms, 5x, 4 and 12x.

What is the answer to negative 12 less than the variable t divided by 9?


What is the algebraic expression for negative fifteen is divided by a number?

-15 ----- n (-15 over a variable)

What do algebraic expression contains?

Constants (numbers), variables, the four basic operations of arithmetic (+, -, *, /) as well as brackets and indices (including negative and fractional ones).

What is a positive factor in math?

A factor is a number or algebraic expression by which another is exactly divisible. A positive factor is a factor that is a positive number as opposed to a negative one.

Is negative black on a battery?

Yes, black represents negative and red represents positive.

What expression will have a negative outcome if b 41?

The expression "-b".

If the coefficient of the expression axn is negative and the exponent is positive will the expression be a polynomial?


Which careers use Algebraic slopes?

positive, negative, undefined slopes

When is an algebraic expression considered as polynomial?

A polynomial is really an algebraic expression that consists of two or more monomials. A monomial is a number, a variable, or a product of a number with non-negative exponents. Some examples of polynomials are: 2x+3y-1;3bc+7cd-y;7mny-my+n To be exact, polynomials is any expression with the lowest power of unknown as 0 or more. 6z+5, 5x4+9x-1 are some examples of polynomials. However, if the unknown is in the denominator, it is not a polynomial. Also, if the expression has a negative power like 3-2, it will become a fraction when you remove the negative sign (3-2 = 1/32).-42 is a polynomial because it is also -42x0 except that people do not need to write the x0 since x0 = 1 and when you multiply -42x0, it still ends up becoming -42.

If positive 12 represents 12 kilometers what does negative 16 represents?

Negative 16 would represent 16 kilometres in the opposite direction.

What is a subtraction expression that involves two negative integers and has a negative answer?

If you are implying the expression can only have two terms than any expression where the second subtracted negative term is larger than the first negative term would work to give you a negative answer. e.g. (-4) - (-1) = -3, (-10) - (-3) = -7, (-412) - (-15) = -397, etc.

What is the The sum of a number y and negaitve 3 is negative 8?

It is an algebraic equation.

Negative and posotive numbers in an expression?

Sure, why not?

What is the expression for sensitivity factor in negative feedback amplifier?

[1/(1+Ab)] is the expression for sensitivity...

Equivalent expression Answer 10x 11x?

The equivalent expression of 10x-11x is -x, or negative x.

What is the thing in trig called that has a letter in the center and double vertical lines on both sides?

Double verticle lines surrounding an expression means to take the absolute value of the expression. The absolute value of an expression is the expression if it is positive, and the negative of the expression if it is negative, i.e. the unsigned distance from zero. Analytically, in order to process the expression, the absolute value of an expression is also the square root of the square of the expression.