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It could be: -3/8+4x-9z as an algebraic expression

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Q: Which expression represents the algebraic phrase the sum of negative three-eighths and four times x minus nine times z?
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What is the algebraic expression for x subtracted from negative 2?

It would be -2 - x .

When is an algebraic expression considered as a non-polynomial expression?

An expression is non polynomial if it has : negative exponent fractional exponent variable exponent in the radicand

Two times the product of negative six and a number What is the algebraic expression?


What is the algebraic expression for negative fifteen is divided by a number?

-15 ----- n (-15 over a variable)

What is the algebraic expression for The sum of a number x and negative eight?

x+(-8)This simplifies to x-8

What is the algebraic expression for eight times the product of negative four and a number?

It is 8*(-4)N which is -32N

Equivalent expression Answer 10x 11x?


Four times the product of negative eight and a number into algebraic expression?

four times the product of negative three and a number

Give two ways to write the algebraic expression of 10s?

x is non negative and x is not greater than 0

What do the negative sign in front of the number 3s means in algebraic expression?

It means that the term for which 3 is the coefficient is meant to be subtracted.

What is the difference between polynomial and nomial?

A polynomial consists of terms which are multiples of non-negative integer powers of a single variable. An expression may contain several variables, or it may contain powers that are negative or fractional.

What is the part of an algebraic expression that is separated by positive or negative operations?

Each term in an algebraic expression is separated by plus & minus 5x + 4 = 12x has two different terms (5x, 4). Good answer. Actually the equation has three terms, 5x, 4 and 12x.