Which figure is symmetric

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a circle is symmetric so is a triangle, a rectangle.

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Q: Which figure is symmetric
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What does symmetric figure mean?

A symmetric figure is a figure that is symmetrical. This means that if you fold it in half that both sides will line up. I hope this helped you! :)

Can you give me a symmetric figure?

Yo, anything that's sides are the same as the other, yo got a symmetric figure. example: a circle

what- Assaf is provided with the figure shown. it is given that....?

Symmetric Property of Congruence

Do all figures have a symmetric line?

No, a figure can be asymmetrical.

What is a figure called if it can be folded or reflected so two parts of the figure are congruent?


How could you tell if a figure is symmetric?

look at how many sides there are...

what- bianca is provided with the figure shown. it is given that...?

symmetric property of congruence

what- camille is provided with the figure shown. it is given that?

symmetric property of congrence

A Figure that can be folded in half and both parts fit perfectly?

symmetric (get it right)

Is triangle a symmetric figure?

It can be but it doesn't have to be. Some triangles are symmetrical and others aren't.

Is a rectangle cut diagonal line a symmetric figure?

The shape descibed is not a symmetric figure. If it is folded on the diagonal line described, then the corners would stick off the sides. If the question is implying that they want to fold it in a differant way, then it would not be symmetrical because of the line. The line would not be in the place on both sides.

How are the graphs of inverse functions symmetric?

symmetric about the y-axis symmetric about the x-axis symmetric about the line y=x symmetric about the line y+x=0

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