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The Metric system is based on 10.

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Q: Which international system measueant prefix corresponds to the factor 10?
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Which SI measurement prefix corresponds to the factor 10 -2?


A factor of 1.01 corresponds to the prefix?

There is no special prefix for that factor. There are SI prefixes for powers of 10 (10, 100, 1000, 0.1, 0.01, 0.001), and especially for powers of 1000 (1000, a million, a billion, 1/1000, etc.)

Prefix if 1000 was a factor?

The prefix for 1000 in the International System on Units is milli. For example, one milligram is one-one thousandth of a gram.

Which prefix corresponds to a subnet mask of


What prefix corresponds to a subnet mask of


What is the prefix and suffix in the word international?

The prefix is inter-. The suffix is -al.

What is the international prefix for Spain?


What is the prefix of the word international?


What is the multiplying factor of the prefix milli?


Is mega a prefix?

Mega- (symbol M) is a prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of million

What unit prefix corresponds to 10 plus 3?

If you mean 10 to the power plus 3, the answer is kilo.

Where is telephone country code 0088213?

If your country's international dialing prefix is 00, it's a call to a shared International Network. If your country's international dialing prefix is 008, it's a call to South Korea.

How do you dial a plus 64 mobile number from a UK landline?

The plus symbol in an international telephone number means "insert your international access prefix here." The international access prefix for outbound calls from the UK is 00.

What is the suffix of international?

it has prefix inter and a suffix al

What is the United Kingdoms international phone prefix?


Is there a prefix for national?


What is the prefix-inter of the word international?

between national

What does SI prefix mean?

Its french. Système International [d'Unités] International system

What is the prefix if 1000 is the multiplying factor?

milli or kilo

Which prefix means between or among?

The prefix that means between or among is inter. Some example words using this prefix include international, intercept, and interject.

What word comes from the latin prefix inter?

Interview, international

What is the prefix and suffix of international?

prefix:poo suffix:pee

Is the multiplying factor for the prefix nano 0.000000001 or 0.1?


What is the international access prefix for calls out of kuwait?

The prefix for international calls from Kuwait to other countries is 00. For example, telephone country code +966 for Saudi Arabia would be dialed 00 966.

What is the meaning of da newton?

The Prefix 'da' is a multiplication factor. It stands for deca and In this case is a multiplication factor of 10.