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Considering the minus sign between 5ab and 6b2 then we have the polynomial as 6a2 + 5ab - 6b2. The polynomial is a quadratic polynomial.

Steps to factorize a quadratic polynomial:

1 - Multiply first term by third term. 6a2 x (-6b2) = -36a2b2

2 - If possible break the second term into two terms such that they multiple to -36a2b2. If not then it is factorized by Sridharacharya's formula.

5ab can be broken as 9ab + (-4ab).

These two terms multiply to give -36a2b2.

So we can write 6a2 + 5ab - 6b2 = 6a2 + 9ab + (-4ab) - 6b2.

6a2 + 9ab - 4ab - 6b2 = 3a(2a + 3b) - 2b(2a + 3b) = (2a + 3b)(3a - 2b).

So the factors are (2a + 3b) and (3a - 2b).

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Which is a factor of 6a2 plus 5ab 6b2?
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How do you factor 6a2 plus 5ab - 6b2?

6a2 + 5ab - 6b2 = (3a - 2b)(2a + 3b)

Which is a factor of 6a2 plus 5ab - 6b2?

6a2 + 5ab - 6b2 = 6a2 + 9ab - 4ab - 6b2 = 3a(2a + 3b) - 2b(2a + 3b) = (2a + 3b)*(3a - 2b)

Which is a factor of 6a2 5ab - 6b2?

(3a - 2b)(2a + 3b)

What is the factor of b3 plus 6b2?

b2(b + 6)

How do you factor 6ab - 6ac plus 6b2 - 6bc?

6(a + b)(b - c)

What is the factor polynomial 6b2-15b3?

-3b2(5b - 2)

How do you factor out 6b2-15b-6?

3(2b2 - 5b - 2)

How do you factor 6b2-7b-20?

(-3b - 4)(-2b + 5)

How do you factor the trinomial 6b2-13bs-63s2?

6b^2-13bs-63s^2 is factorised to (2b-9s)(3b+7s)

Solve for a a2-8a plus 12 a-2 -6b2 6 c -3 -4 d 3 4?

a2-8a plus 12, if done correctly according to calculus, results in the number 2.

Prove that square root of 6 is irrational number?

If a/b=sqrt(6), then a2=6b2 On the other hand, given integers ''a'' and ''b'', because the valuation (i.e., highest power of 2 dividing a number) of 6b2 is odd, while the valuation of a2 is even, they must be distinct integers. Contradiction.

What are all the factors of the monomial 6ab to the 2nd power?

They are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 36,1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 6a, 9a, 12a, 18a, 36a,1b, 2b, 3b, 4b, 6b, 9b, 12b, 18b, 36b,1a2, 2a2, 3a2, 4a2, 6a2, 9a2, 12a2, 18a2, 36a2,1ab, 2ab, 3ab, 4ab, 6ab, 9ab, 12ab, 18ab, 36ab,1b2, 2b2, 3b2, 4b2, 6b2, 9b2, 12b2, 18b2, 36b2.

Solve by factoring 6b2-13b 6 equals 0?

The question is ambiguous because there is no sign shown before the final 6. Assume it is +6 since -6 would make factorisation very difficult. Thus the equation is 6b2 - 13b + 6 = 0 Then 6b2 - 4b - 9b + 6 = 0 or 2b(3b - 2) - 3(3b - 2) = 0 ie (3b - 2)(2b - 3) = 0 then 3b -2 = 0 or 2b - 3 = 0 so 3b =2 or 2b = 3 ie b = 2/3 or b = 3/2

Why is the square root of 24 irrational?

If it were rational, then the square root of 6 would be also since sqrt 24 is sqrt(4x6)=2xsqrt(6) and here is a proof the sqrt(6) is irrational So let's assume by contradiction that the square root of 6 is rational. By definition, that means there are two integers a and b with no common divisors where: a/b = square root of 6. So let's multiply both sides by themselves: (a/b)(a/b) = (square root of 6)(square root of 6) a2/b2 = 6 a2 = 6b2 But this last statement means the RHS (right hand side) is even, because it is a product of integers and one of those integers (at least) is even. So a2 must be even. But any odd number times itself is odd, so if a2 is even, then a is even. Since a is even, there is some integer c that is half of a, or in other words: 2c = a. Now let's replace a with 2c: a2 = 6b2 (2c)2 = (2)(3)b2 2c2 = 3b2 But now we can argue the same thing for b, because the LHS is even, so the RHS must be even and that means b is even. Now this is the contradiction: if a is even and b is even, then they have a common divisor (2). Then our initial assumption must be false, so the square root of 6 cannot be rational.

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Contact Me ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- =============================== Q: You FAQ is missing _______ A: You can send it to me using the "Contact Me" information below, just make sure that I can interpret what the email is about by the subject or it may be deleted right away as I get a lot of spam and if your email is just "Hi" with an unknown address I may delete it thinking it's spam. I will appreciate any assistance though. Q: How many Pokemon are recruitable in this game? A: All 386 are implemented and recruitable, along with hints to other Pokemon not included (such as Munchlax and Lucario). Q: My Pokemon is XX level why can't I evolve yet? A: You may evolve after the main storyline is over inside of a cave that opens in town. You may only bring 1 Pokemon into the cave at a time. Do a ctrl+F "Luminous Cave" for more details. If I get anymore emails asking how to evolve I will not reply as it's clearly stated multiple times in this FAQ/Walkthrough how to, and it shows me you put no effort forward to look for the answer yourself before emailing me. Q: How do I change my leader? A: You must first go to the Friend Area of the Pokemon you want to make leader, then choose Join Team, then Make Leader. This Pokemon is now your leader and your previous leader is still in your party. Q: Why won't XX event start for me, even though according to your guide it should have started. A: Make sure you have completed any previous events as you may not be able to be working on multiple events at once (Example: Complete the feather to meet the mirage Pokemon, and Unlocking Silver Trench). Q: Where is a great place to get Gummies? A: Uproar forest if you aren't looking for any in particular, bring some X-Ray Specs so you can find them easier on each floor, it nets the most (Grass/Green Gummies). 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A: Sun Stone and Moon Stone are both found in Solar Cave on Floors 1, 10, and 16 (for both stones) Water Stone on the 29th Floor of Northwind Field Thunder Stone on the 29th Floor of Lightning Field Fire Stone on the 29th Floor of Fiery Field Leaf Stone, King's Rock and Up-Grade can only be found in Wish Cave Shops and then only on specific Floors. Deepseascale and Deepseatooth are both found in Grand Sea on Floors 15 (for scale) and 25 (for tooth) Beauty Scarf is found on the 59th Floor of Western Cave, requires a Key Dragonscale is on the 29th Floor of Wvyern Hill Link Cables are easiest found in Solar Cave behind the locked doors as long as you already have the HM's they contain Lunar Ribbon is on the 20th Floor of Northwind Field Sun Ribbon is on the 20th Floor of Wyvern Hill Metal Coat is on the 49th and 50th Floors of Southern Cavern Q: Where is the fastest place to level up? A: Fastest place to level up that I have seen is either the popular 1-room Monster Houses of Lugia's Silver Trench or spending some time on Floors 40-60 and 89-98 in Western Cave where most enemies (Skarmory, Absol, Tyranitar, Alakazam, Charizard, Blastoise) all give over 1000 experience each when killed by a move, and if you manage to get a monster house of them you are looking at upwards of 5000-6000 experience from just that room. If you manage to nab yourself a Tight Belt you can spend a lot more time on these floors just farming the experience. Submitted by Sixftdwarf: Just wanted to let you know I found a neat little trick. If you use a One Room Orb on a floor with a monster house, the whole floor becomes a monster house. A useful trick if you're trying to level, but not as useful if you're barely surviving, like I was at the time I discovered this. Q: Where do I get the Friend Bow? A: The easiest place to get it, in my opinion, is bringing a key to Mt. Faraway on the 30th Floor, you can also get them from Kecleon shops in Joyous Tower. The Friend Bow increases your chance to recruit a Pokemon by 10% when equipped. Q: Where do I get the Tight Belt? A: The Tight Belt is a very rare item that can only be found in a few specific spots. It can appear randomly on Floors 1-5 and 51-54 of Far-off Sea, but the chances are low, Floors 1, 4, 20, 21, 50 and 60 of Purity Forest and Floors 1-4 of Marvelous Sea. It can also be found in Purity Forest shops and as a Buried item in Far-Off Sea. Q: What are Buried Items? A: Buried items may only be found by smashing walls with Rock Smash or having a Pokemon with the ability Pickup along, he will have a chance of picking up a Buried item every level. Also a Ghost Pokemon while traveling through walls can pickup Buried items. Personally, I've had a very hard time getting Buried Items, hopefully you have better luck. --Submitted by OmegaDestroyer -I had a Swampert equipped with a Mobility/Mobile Scarf, and he walked over a part of a wall and found a (TM) Giga Drain hidden in the wall, so I was thinking Ghost-type Pokemon as well as Pokemon using the Mobile Scarf may be able to simply walk over a buried item in a wall to pick it up. I'd also note that Ghost/Mobile are a more efficient way of getting to the items that need Rock Smash, such as the HMs in Buried Relic. --Some more notes on Buried Items On average I would say there are 3-6 items per floor with 4-5 being the norm, don't stop looking after only 3 items. The Pickup ability is not required as Linone does not seem to find any uniquely buried items upon entering a new floor, but from what I have heard he can. When breaking the walls, have both of your Pokemon mobile, breaking them 2 at a time is much more efficient. An item will eventually appear and you can interact with the item as you see fit (picking it up, using it, throwing it, etc.) After knowing all of this, just systematically remove all the walls on every level (this will not work on boss levels such as the Regi's) and reap the rewards. Q: Where is Mew? A: Mew appears in Buried Relic between 36th Floor and 99th Floor as long as you carry the Music Box in your Toolbox (Do not Use it, just have it with you). He may appear more than once between those floors, but he can only appear when you reach the floor (he will be one of the original red dots and cannot come in if you wait). Sometimes he will use Transform and you will see "Mew used Transform" at the bottom which is an easy tipoff he is on this floor, but he will not always use it and his recruit chance is low so let the hunting begin! Q: Where did Skarmory go? He disappeared from Mt. Steel. A: Skarmory can only be caught in Wish Cave (Floor 35+) or Western Cave, (Floor 40-49)so you probably will not have a Skarmory of your own for quite awhile. Q: Why can't I catch the legendary birds? A: They can only be caught after the main storyline is over, they also have a body size of 4, so make sure not to bring more than 2 body size with you. Finally, they do not have 100% recruit chance so be prepared to spend a little while trying to catch all 3. Q: What happens when you spend a very long time on a specific floor? A: There is actually a system built in, that there is a limited number of turns you can spend on a single dungeon floor. If you are approaching that number, you will see messages about a wind blowing or a mysterious Pokemon. If you see those messages it's a hint to find the stairs asap, as if you stay on a floor for the maximum amount of turns you will be blown out of the dungeon (same circumstances as if you had died, losing items, etc.). This applies to every dungeon so don't loiter around too long. Q: What is the best Pokemon to bring into a level 1 dungeon? A: It all comes down to personal preference, I would personally recommend Charizard (it may not level super fast, but it doesn't level as slow as others like Blastoise). His 4 level 1 abilities including Heat Wave are very useful and his stats are fantastic. If you have a personal preference you can e-mail me about it and I'll post your preference and why as long as it's valid reasoning. Q: Why can't I catch a Kecleon? A: First since his base recruit chance is -33.9% you must be lvl 90+ with Friend Bow equipped to get the maximum 34% boost bringing your recruit chance up to 0.1% or 1 in 1000. The Kecleons are lvl 90 and can have any of their possible power-up moves. Another note is they move twice for every one of your turns, so if they can reach you in a single turn, they can also attack you. You will want to come very prepared for this, bringing at least 10 Reviver Seeds, an Escape Orb, Friend Bow, X-Ray Specs and maybe some Oran Berries. You will also want to come alone as your partners will just waste Reviver Seeds, and your leader needs to get the final blow to recruit one anyway. Silver Thorns are a great way to damage them if they are standing far away, so you can also bring some of those. To engage the Kecleons you must first steal from their shop. Before you attempt this make sure you know where the stairs are as you will want to make a break for them once you finally do catch a Kecleon (Escape Orbs are disabled on the floor you are fighting Kecleons). Once engaged, Kecleons will continue to spawn for eternity coming to fight. Since the recruit chance is 1 in 1000 be prepared to spend awhile attempting this, use the X-Ray Specs to find their shops on each floor. Note: If the Kecleons turn you into a decoy (by using Substitute) you can still attack and recruit them, but they will completely ignore you until it wears off. Q: How do I get the dungeons Marvelous Sea, Oddity Cave, Remains Island, and Fantasy Strait, also what is so special about them? A: They are unlocked through Wonder Mail Codes! The following codes are straight from ZombieInfection's Walkthrough located here: Fantasy Strait: Client: Jigglypuff Objective: Find Pikachu. Place: Fantasy Strait B1F Difficulty: B Reward: Red Gummi Wonder Mail: ??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 Marvelous Sea: Client: Jigglypuff Objective: Find Pikachu. Place: Marvelous Sea B1F Difficulty: B Reward: Red Gummi Wonder Mail: ??MH CJ(...)? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 Oddity Cave: Client: Jigglypuff Objective: Find Pikachu. Place: Oddity Cave B1F Difficulty: B Reward: Red Gummi Wonder Mail: ??MS CJ(...)? 44?P MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 Remains Island: Client: Jigglypuff Objective: Find Pikachu. Place: Remains Island B1F Difficulty: B Reward: Red Gummi Wonder Mail: ??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1 The sad thing is, they aren't really all that special, they have no new Pokemon, but they are fun to venture through. I've also noted that they seem to have high appearance rates for some of the rarer items in the game. That in itself is worth your time to explore them. Note: These dungeons have between 15-25 Floors each, so they are not too

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(made by me) -18 1i 18 1i 4j 1i 5l 1h 6i 1e 7d 18 88 v 8t k 9e 8 9v -8 ae -s aq -1f b3 -24 bi -24,bi -23 bm -17,bj -17 bm -15 br -v c7 0,c1 -1 cd 5 ct u d3 18,cj 16 dc 1b dp 1l ed 24,e2 26 em 24,el 26 er 1u f4 1a,f7 1b f4 15 fc d fe 7,fh 9 fe 4 fe -6 fi -k fn -r,fq -p fo -t fr -19 g0 -1i,g1 -1h g1 -1t gd -1t,gf -1r gh -1m go -17 h3 -k hh -1 hv e if s j2 19 jo 1k kc 1s l0 22 lh 25 m7 27 mt 28 nh 27 o5 25 or 22 pg 1u q2 1o ql 1f r9 12 rp k s8 3 sn -j t3 -19 tb -1s tm -1s tj -1l,gc -1t gf -1q,15p -32 15c -3q 14t -3q 14q -3n 14n -3d 14l -2s,15o -32 163 -2i 16f -23 16s -1l 17c -17 17v -q 18k -e 199 -4 19v 4 1ai a 1b8 g 1c1 l,1c0 l 1cs o 1dh o 1e6 n 1eu l 1fo h 1ge c 1h2 6 1hj -1 1i2 -9 1il -l 1j2 -10 1jf -1e 1jr -1u 1k7 -2h 1kh -36,1ki -36 1kt -36 1l1 -33,tn -1s tq -1t tu -1q u4 -1g u9 -12,u2 -15 uc -v uh -n un -9 us 5,uh 0 ut 6 v1 b v9 o vf 12,v5 11 vg 15 vo 19 102 1j 108 1u,14p -2r 14i -2q 14f -2l 149 -29 144 -1k,14d -1m 13v -1h 13q -19 13l -t 13g -7,13q -7 13d -3 136 7 131 p,137 p 12v r 12p 12 12j 1i 12f 1r,12l 1r 12c 1r 122 1q 11k 1r 11b 20,11f 23 117 1v 10o 1u 10b 1u vv 1v,1u1 -78 1uk -77 1un -74 1v4 -6g 1vm -5p 206 -59 20r -4p 21l -48 22h -3q 234 -3j 23s -3d 24k -39 25f -38 26b -3a 278 -3e 285 -3l 28s -3u 29g -49 2a1 -4l 2a7 -4m 2ap -4l 2at -4j 2b3 -4d 2b9 -44,2pb -61 2qe -61 2qj -60 2qr -5r 2rl -57 2sr -4g 2u0 -3u 2v2 -3g 304 -35 318 -2s 32b -2l 33g -2f 35d -28 36u -25 38a -25 39o -29 3au -2h 3bt -2s 3cp -3b 3dc -3o 3ds -46 3e9 -4l 3el -55 3ev -5k 3f8 -64,1u5 -73 1tu -79 1tn -77 1ti -70 1tb -6h 1t8 -67,1tf -6a 1t5 -64 1t1 -5v 1st -5e 1sr -52,1t2 -54 1so -4v 1sh -4j 1sc -43,1sk -45 1s9 -41 1s5 -3q 1rt -33,1s7 -35 1rr -32 1rl -2q 1rf -2c 1rc -24,1kv -35 1l5 -2t 1lb -2h,1l4 -2j 1ld -2f 1li -2b 1lq -1v 1lu -1n,1ll -1q 1m2 -1l 1m6 -1h 1md -17 1mj -t,1mc -v 1ml -s 1mp -o 1mv -h 1n5 -7,1rk -25 1r8 -24 1r5 -22 1r0 -1q 1qt -1f 1qr -17,1r4 -18 1qp -17 1qm -15 1qj -v 1qg -i 1qd -7,1qj -7 1q8 -4 1q4 1 1pv e 1pt n,1q1 t 1pr n 1pn k 1p8 j 1oo k,1n0 -6 1n7 -6 1nc -4 1nh 1 1nk 9 1nn g,1nh l 1no h 1nt g 1o7 h 1oh j 1om n 1os v,1oo l 1ol m,3t7 -7t 3to -71 3u7 -6e 3up -5r 3vg -57 408 -4m 410 -48 41v -3q 42r -3g 43n -38 44i -33 45e -30 468 -2v 473 -31 47p -36 48j -3f 49a -3r 49t -49 4aa -4l 4ao -55 4b1 -5h 4ba -5v 4bp -5v,3t7 -7t 3sn -8u 3s8 -8u 3s5 -8s 3s1 -8i,3f8 -63 3fd -6d 3fl -6c 3g2 -6b 3g5 -69 3g9 -64 3gc -61 3gi -5j 3gp -50,3s4 -8i 3ru -8h 3rq -8c 3rk -7s 3ri -7h,3rn -7g 3rg -7d 3rb -77 3r7 -6s 3r3 -6e 3r0 -5u,3r7 -60 3qs -5p 3qn -5k 3qi -59 3qf -4q 3qe -4f,3qv -4m 3qh -4f 3q8 -49 3q3 -43 3pu -3p 3pp -3a 3pm -2s,3qc -37 3pu -2v 3pg -2n 3pa -2i 3p3 -29 3op -1p,3p6 -1v 3or -1p 3oe -1i 3o2 -19 3nm -v,3nv -o 3ni -11 3n5 -14 3ml -15 3m3 -15,2b4 -44 2ba -43 2be -40 2bj -3p 2bp -3e 2bu -36,2br -36 2c1 -34 2c5 -30,2c4 -30 2cb -2m 2cj -2c,2cg -2c 2cl -2b 2cq -26 2d4 -1s,2d2 -1s 2d8 -1q 2dq -1o 2eb -1o,2ea -1k 2ed -1p 2ej -1q 2f4 -1o 2fi -1o,2fi -1m 2fl -1p 2ft -1p 2gd -1o 2gt -1p,2gt -1n 2h0 -1r 2hc -1r,2pe -5r 2pa -61 2p5 -61 2p0 -5v 2os -5r 2op -5k 2ol -59,2oq -59 2oi -58 2of -55 2ob -4r 2o7 -4d,2ob -4c 2o5 -4c,2o3 -4a 2nr -3m 2nn -36,2o3 -4a 2o6 -4b,2nq -37 2nl -36 2ni -31 2ne -2f 2nc -26,2ng -26 2n9 -26 2n6 -1p 2mv -1l 2md -1i,2md -1f 2ma -1k 2lm -1l 2lb -1l,2le -1h 2l8 -1m 2l2 -1n 2k9 -1n 2jr -1m,2jt -1j 2jp -1n 2jc -1n 2it -1m 2ih -1n,2ij -1l 2ie -1p 2hs -1q 2hb -1r,3g4 -65 3g9 -64,3gm -51 3gr -4v 3gu -4q 3h7 -41,3h3 -41 3h9 -41 3hc -3s 3hk -3d 3hp -32,3hl -33 3hr -31 3hu -2t 3i4 -2i 3ia -24,3i5 -25 3id -23 3ii -1v 3ip -1l 3iv -1c,3it -18 3j2 -1d 3j9 -1e 3jv -1d 3kb -1a,3k9 -17 3kd -1b 3km -1b 3l7 -19 3lg -16 3ln -12,3ln -u 3lq -12 3m3 -15,4nt -a4 4o6 -9j 4op -8o 4ph -7u 4qb -78 4r8 -6k 4s6 -63 4t3 -5m 4u8 -58 4vc -4t 50j -4k 51s -4f 535 -4d 549 -4f 55d -4l 56e -4v 57d -5d,57c -5c 57q -5k 58b -61 58p -6f 597 -71 59i -7i 59s -86 5a4 -8q 5ac -8r 5ah -8o 5al -8j,5hj -e3 5hq -e3 5ht -e1 5i5 -dj 5ip -cj 5jf -bn 5k7 -au 5l2 -aa 5m5 -9l 5n3 -95 5o9 -8l 5pg -87 5qj -7t 5rn -7m 5sk -7i 5tl -7g 5ul -7g 5vc -7h 605 -7k 613 -7u 61t -8a 62k -8p 638 -9b 63q -a0 64a -ap 64m -bj 650 -bj,6ej -dl 6eq -d6 6fd -c4 6g1 -b6 6gl -af 6hc -9p 6id -8v 6jh -89 6lc -7f 6mp -6v 6o1 -6l 6pe -6d 6r0 -68 6s2 -64 6s2 -5u 6r4 -62,6r0 -68 6r3 -66 6r3 -5f 6r0 -3r 72c -3e 760 -3c,761 -3d 77h -3d 782 -38 78u -2u 7av -25 7d7 -1g 7em -15 7g7 -s 7he -n 7ij -k 7ji -i 7kv -i 7m2 -k 7n3 -o 7o1 -10 7p5 -1g 7q2 -23 7qs -2q 7rj -3n 7s3 -4k 7se -5i 7so -6k 7st -7j 7t3 -7j 7t3 -6k,7so -6k 7t9 -6k 7tf -6j,6rh -60 6rg -3r,6rn -3r 6rn -60,4ns -a4 4no -a6 4n6 -a6 4n2 -a5 4mu -9u 4mr -9j,4n0 -9i 4mo -9h 4mm -9e 4mi -90 4me -8d,4mi -8e 4md -8c 4m9 -85 4m2 -7h,4bp -5u 4bt -5s 4c4 -5h 4c8 -56,4c4 -58 4ca -55 4ce -4v 4ck -4i,4cg -4j 4cm -4g 4cu -46 4d5 -3m,4d1 -3n 4da -3k 4dh -39 4dm -2r,4dh -2s 4dp -2p 4e2 -2g 4e7 -2a,4e3 -29 4ee -2a 4en -2a 4fa -29 4fh -27,4m9 -7j 4lv -7g 4ls -7c 4ln -72 4lh -6i,4ll -6j 4le -6g 4la -69 4l4 -5m,4l8 -5m 4l0 -5j 4kt -5c 4ko -4m,4kt -4o 4km -4m 4ki -4h 4kd -3t,4kg -3v 4ka -3q 4k4 -3h 4jv -34 4jq -2n,4jv -2n 4jn -2n 4jf -2f 4j5 -21,4j7 -1u 4j2 -24 4ir -26 4ii -26 4i4 -25 4hr -24,4hr -23 4hk -26 4h5 -26 4gq -27 4gg -27,4gg -24 4ga -29 4g1 -29 4fl -29 4fd -25,6ei -dm 6ec -do 6dt -do 6dk -do 6df -dl 6da -db,6de -db 6d8 -d9 6d5 -d1 6d1 -c8 6d1 -bp,651 -bj 653 -bf 654 -b5 655 -ar,653 -as 656 -aq 659 -al 65e -a9 65h -9s,65c -9t 65i -9s 65m -9m 65r -98 65u -8t,65p -8v 65v -8r 663 -8i 668 -84 66a -7q,665 -7t 66c -7o 66f -7g 66i -74,66d -70 66j -75 66s -75 673 -75 67l -72,67k -6v 67n -72 68i -72,6d6 -bs 6cu -bn 6cr -bg 6cl -b3 6ci -af,6cm -ah 6cf -ad 6cb -a4 6c8 -9j 6c6 -8t,6cb -8u 6c4 -8r 6bu -8l 6br -8c 6bo -7r,6bt -7r 6bl -7o 6bh -7g 6bc -74,6bf -70 6b8 -76 6b2 -76 6ae -75 69v -71,6a2 -6u 69q -73 69e -73 690 -73 68o -73 68d -6s,7t9 -6i 7tl -6k 7u0 -6k 7ui -6k 7v4 -6i 7vc -6g,7v7 -6d 7vi -6g 7vo -6f 800 -6b 80c -5u 80g -5m,805 -5m 80k -5l 80p -5f 80u -51 80u -4l,80o -4o 811 -4i 818 -4a 81e -3v 81h -3j,7th -6j 7t8 -6c,83p 1j 83r 1m,7v9 -6e 7v1 -68,81c -3l 81k -3g 81o -3b 81t -2t 81v -2h,81n -2k 82n -1p,82h -1o 82s -1r 83s -1r 853 -1o,84q -1h 85c -1r 861 -1r 87i -1r,87h -1o 87v -1v 8a8 -1u,8a3 -1p 8af -21 8dg -21,5ah -8k 5ao -8i 5ar -8e 5at -88 5au -7s,5ar -7u 5b0 -7q 5b3 -7k 5b6 -78 5b7 -6v,5b3 -6v 5ba -6s 5be -6o 5bh -6g 5bl -63,5bi -63 5bp -61 5bs -5s 5c0 -5k 5c4 -5a,5bu -5c 5c6 -5a 5c9 -55 5ce -4p 5ch -4h,5cf -4e 5cl -4j 5cr -4k 5d8 -4k 5df -4k 5dj -4i,5dj -4e 5dm -4k,5hh -e3 5h5 -e3 5h2 -e1 5gu -dn 5gt -dg,5h4 -dj 5gq -db 5go -d3 5gm -ck 5go -c7,5gu -ce 5gm -c5 5gi -bu 5gf -bg 5gc -b1,5gk -b3 5g9 -aq 5g5 -ac 5g5 -9s 5g4 -9h,5ga -9m 5g2 -9f 5g0 -91 5fv -8i 5fv -8a,5g5 -8e 5fu -88 5fq -80 5fp -7i 5fp -76,5ft -7a 5fn -74 5fh -6o 5fd -68,5fi -69 5fa -64 5f5 -5o 5f2 -5b,5f6 -5c 5ev -58 5eo -4s 5ek -4j,5el -4h 5eg -4m 5e5 -4n 5dn -4m 5dl -4j,-18 1i -18 -1p -1e -1p -1e 1h,-19 1h -ba 1h -k2 1h,7v8 -hs 7vc -hs 7vd -hm 7v8 -hm,7vb -hq 7v8 -hm,7v8 -hr 7vc -ho,7vd -hs 7vg -hp,7uf -gk 7uf -ir,7ug -is 7ul -is 7ul -gk 7ug -gk,7um -hl 7v8 -hm,7v8 -hs 7uk -hs,7vh -hp 804 -68,7vt -6d 7vb -hn##

What is bradleys free rider track code?

-18 1i 18 1i,-13 v -7 u m s 1i t,ae 34 bj 3u cn 50 dr 65 ev 7d fq 8r gf AA h4 br HQ dd ic f0 IQ gj j6 i1 je j7 ji ke je lj it mm i0 nk gv ol fv pe el q2 d8 qa bt q8 an q4 9d pt 7s pm 6g pd 51 p5 3i op 22 o8 i NJ -u mt -2f m4 -40 lc -5l kj -7d jr -95 j3 -av ic -cq hk -ek gn -gc fo,-lf an -m5 98 -mc 7v -ma 6k -lr 5h -kt 4f -jn 3h -ii 2o -h2 28 -fl 22 -ed 23 -dc 2d -ca 33 -be 3p -aj 4r -9l 5u -8n 75 -8e 8d -8d 9j -8j ai -96 b7 -9t bo -ar bp -bp bj -cj bf,6c 2f 77 2l 81 2s 95 3d,bd 55 cc 65 d9 7c e3 8n eu a4 fr bi go d2 hh en i6 gb,i2 gc i8 h5 ie i2 ih iv ij jp ic kj hu lc hh m4 h1 n0 ga nl fd o9 eh p5 de pi cb pb b7 PC a6 p6 9a OS 8e OJ 7i oa 6o o4 5l nv 4c np 35 ne 1o n1 8 mk -14 m2 -23 ld -31 kp -45 k9 -5a jn -6i it -7r ig -97 i3 -ai hh -bs gq -dd g7 -ev FM,-lk al -l3 ba,-gv fa -gd fp,-et fj -fk f5,39 -76 3p -6q 4c -6a 55 -5o 61 -5d 71 -50 81 -4k 9a -46 ak -3k br -31 d4 -2c ef -1k fs -q ha 2 IQ u kb 1r lu 2o ni 3i p6 4b qs 53 sj 5r ub 6i 102 78,11a 7u 11p 8c,198 eh 18n e8,1ah jv 1be k5 1c5 kh 1cr kr,1cr ku 1dg l7 1eg ll 1fh m0 1gk mc 1hm mr 1in nb 1jt nr 1l8 of 1me p3 1nm po 1ov qf 1qa r7 1rm s0 1t3 sq 1ug tl 1vt ue 21b v8 22r 103 24d 110 260 11s 27m 12q 29d 13n 2b5 14k 2cu 15g 2em 16b 2gd 175 2i6 17u 2ju 18m 2ln 19c 2ng 1a1 2p8 1aj 2r1 1b4 2sq 1bk 2uh 1c0 308 1cb 31o 1ch 330 1cl 34a 1co,3db 1il 3de 1ja 3dn 1jq 3e7 1jd,3f2 1qm 3f4 1rc,3fh 1qo 3fh 1re 3f4 1r8,3ss 5a5 3sm 5ar 3sd 5bi 3s0 5c7 3rd 5cs 3qp 5dd 3q7 5dv 3pj 5eg 3ot 5es 3o4 5f2 3mp 5fg 3la 5g1 3ju 5gj 3ig 5h6 3h2 5hl 3fj 5i4 3e3 5ik 3ci 5j4 3b1 5jh 39g 5jr 385 5k3 36n 5ka,2g5 68j 2fi 69a 2eq 69v 2dk 6af 2c7 6b2 2ar 6be 292 6bo 277 6c2 25e 6c4 23n 6c0 222 6bu 20f 6bo 1v6 6bd 1ts 6au 1so 6ab 1rh 69i,-45h igl -44h igj -439 igi -41v igh -40i igf -3v5 ige -3tl igd -3s6 igb -3qp ig9 -3pf ig8 -3oa ig7 -3n7 ig6,-7e0 rm0 -7co rlv -7ba rlr -79l rln -786 rll -76l rli -757 rlg -73t rle -72g rle -710 rli -6vf rln,-7c1 qln -7at qlr -79j qlv -787 qm1 -76s qm2 -75k qm2 -747 qm3 -731 qm3,1oa 698 1re 69h,1n3 69q 1nb 6ak,1mo 6af 1nb 6ag,1jo 6pp 1ke 6q4 1l9 6qg 1m9 6qr 1na 6r7 1o9 6ri 1pa 6rt 1qb 6s6 1r9 6se 1s5 6so 1t4 6t6 1u8 6to 1vi 6ue 20n 6v2 221 6vn 23g 70f 250 717 26j 71u 289 72k 2a0 73a 2bl 740 2dc 74n 2f6 75c 2h1 760 2it 76i 2kq 774 2mm 77k 2oj 783 2qg 78g 2sd 78t 2ua 799 307 79l 325 7a1 342 7ac 360 7al 37t 7ar 39r 7b0 3bm 7b2 3di 7b1 3fd 7av 3h7 7aq 3j1 7ai 3kr 7aa 3ml 7a0 3of 79m 3q7 79a 3rv 78t 3tn 78g 3ve 781 415 77h 42r 76v 44h 76c 466 75p,7me lgn 7mf lha,7m6 lsp 7mm lsl,7me lsk 7n2 lsi,7j1 prv 7jj psc 7k9 psq 7l3 pt9 7lu ptp 7mq pu8 7nn pul 7ok pv0 7pj PVC 7qh pvn 7rl q05 7st q0o 7ud q1h 7vq q27 81c q2u 82v q3n 84k q4h 86a q5c 881 q69 89o q76 8bf q83 8d7 q91 8ev qa0 8go qav 8ih qbv 8kb qcv 8m5 qdv 8nt qev 8pm qg0 8rf qh1 8t8 qi2 8v2 qj3 90r qk4 92l ql5 94e qm7 968 qn8 982 qoa 99r qpc 9bl qqe 9df qrg 9f9 qsi 9h3 qtl 9it qun 9kn qvp 9mh r0s 9ob r1u 9q5 r31 9rv r43 9tp r55 9vj r68 a1d r7a a37 r8d a51 r9f a6r rai a8l rbk aaf rcn ac9 rdp ae3 res aft rfu ahn rh1 ajh ri3 alb rj6 an5 rk8 aov rla aqp rmd asj rnf aud roi b07 rpk b21 rqn b3r rrp b5m rss b7h rtu b9c rv1 bb7 s03 bd2 s16 bet s28 bgo s3b bij s4d bke s5g bm9 s6i bo5 s7l bq0 s8n brr s9q btm sas bvh sbv c1d sd1 c38 se4 c53 sf6 c6u sg9 c8p shb cak sie ccg sjg ceb skj cg6 sll ci1 smo cjs snq cln sot cnj spv cpe sr2 cr9 ss4 ct4 st7 cuv sua d0r svd d2m t0h d4h t1k d6c t2n d87 t3q da2 t4t dbu t60 ddp t74 dfk t87 dhf t9a dja tad dl5 tbg dn1 tcj dos tdn,dh7 t8a dhs t8k dih t92 dj8 t9f dju t9s dki taa dl6 tao dlr tb5 dmh tbi dn5 tbs dnq tc5 doe tcg dp1 tct dpj td9 dq2 tdp dqe tea dqm tf0 dqr tfn,dor tdp dp9 te8 dpq ten dq4 tfc dq9 tg0,dqq tfj dqt tg6 dr1 tgq dr3 the,dr3 th9 dr0 ti0 dqv Tim dqs tjb,dq6 tfu dqb tgg dqe th6 dqd thv dq7 Tim dpu tja dpc tjm doj tjq,dqu tj6 dqj tjm dq0 tk1 dpb tk5 dok tka dns tkb dn6 tka dme tk7 dlo tk4 dl1 tk2 dk8 tk3,don tjq do0 tjs dn5 tjs dmd tjp dli tjn dko tjm dk1 tjl djb tjl dim tjq di0 tjt dh8 tki dgi tle dg4 tmb dg3 tn7 dgb tnv dgn toe dh8 toq dhp tp1,dk7 tk3 djm tk7 dj3 tkb dif tkh dhu tks dhj tlf dh7 tm2 dgr tmj dgo tn7,e3v 1bpf e42 1bq4 e3u 1bqq e3u 1brg e3v 1bs4 e40 1bsj,e3v 1bsj e40 1bt5 e41 1btn e40 1bua,e41 1bu7 e44 1buu,e4o 1bpg e4l 1bq3 e4k 1bql e4j 1br7 e4l 1brq e4n 1bsd e4n 1bt1 e4m 1btl e4p 1bu8,e4m 1bu3 e4q 1bul,e4e 1pbs e4j 1pcf e4t 1pcv e59 1pde e5i 1pdt,e4t 1pbj e56 1pc3 e5c 1pck e5n 1pd1 e63 1pde,e5f 1pdr e5r 1pe8,eu6 1rpl eu7 1rq8 eum 1rq8 euk 1rpl,f9d 2c47 f09 2c6e##B f9i 20g7 aj,B fa7 20gg ar,B f84 20h6 b8,B f7g 20h6 3,B f6t 20h6 b8,B f6d 20h5 b4,B f60 20ha av,B f5h 20hc b8,B f52 20h8 b8,B f4h 20he a,B far 20he av,B fb3 20gv b4,B fak 20ha 3,B fan 20h5 b6,B fav 20h8 b3,B fb4 20ha b5,B 7in prg 35,B 7ir pr7 2q,B 7is pqq 2q,B 7il pqd 2q,B 7if pq6 34,B 7ij ppu 33,B 7il ppl 2q,B 7kb pq8 4,B 7kg pql b4,B 7ki pr7 b6,B 7ki prk b5,B 7ke prk 6,B 7ke pro 1j,B 7kd psc f,B 7k7 pql 2,B 7k7 pr5 2,B 7ju pq6 b8,B 7jq pqs 7,B 7js prf b8,B 7js pr9 2,B 7k3 pro 7,B 7jo prq 2,B 7k3 ps9 2,B 7jq ps5 8,B 7jj pqa b8,B 7jd pqq b2,B 7j8 pq6 b8,B 7jo pr5 b8,B 7j9 pr5 b8,B 7j8 prm s,B 7jn ps1 2,B 3na 78h 2s,B 3nl 79d 1d,B 3m8 79g 2c,B 3la 78n 31,B 3l1 79g 2i,B 3l4 7a0 25,B 408 778 16,B 3uv 774 1j,B 3u5 77l 22,B -dah 1bb6 88,B -dan 1bb6 8e,B -da4 1bba 7s,B -da2 1bb3 88,B -d9r 1bav 80,B -dae 1bb3 85,B -aec 1652 92,B -aep 1650 8e,B -aee 1650 8l,B -aef 1653 8t,B -aeh 1652 90,B -795 qke b8,B -7a5 qkg am,B -79q qke b3,B -79f ql1 b4,B -78s qkv 3,B -78j qkv 2,B -77p qkr ar,B -77l qkm b2,B -771 qkn 1,B -76e qke ak,B -769 qlc b5,B -761 qkm at,B -76t ql6 b4,B -77c qkv 4,B -786 ql3 7,B -78s ql3 5,B -79t qkt b1,B -7at qkp d,B -7bp ql4 2,B -7g2 qm6 ap,B -7fj qm6 ao,B -7f6 qm6 b2,B -7er qlu 9,B -7e1 qlp av,B -7cq qlj 5,B -73k qlh am,B -74p qlp ak,B -75u qlp b6,B -76v qls b5,B -780 qlp b5,B -79d qlh b8,B -7am qle b6,B -7bh qlc b8,B -6n8 p9g 6,B -6n8 p8v b8,B -6n3 p8o 2,B -6mt p8h b8,B -6mv p8h 2,B -6n7 p8f 8,B -6mv p9c ar,B -77k rkh b8,B -77c rkl av,B -77t rkn d,B -76q rkl b8,B -76g rkc b8,B -762 rkc aq,B -75s rkf b1,B -76q rkd b8,B -777 rkl b8,B -779 rl0 u,B -76d rl0 ad,B -75a rks ao,B -771 rld b8,B -77v rl6 h,B -78u rl7 3,B -71f rku 9h,B -72k rl0 95,B -741 rl0 9v,B -79k rl6 1a,B -7ai rld 1c,B -7bi rlj 1l,B -403 ifg f,B -3vb if8 b8,B -3vo iek g,B -3vm iem b6,B -406 iet h,B -3vv iev e,B -3uo iep b8,B -3u6 if8 ag,B -3tp ifc av,B -3t8 ifj b5,B -3r5 id9 9n,B -3qh idk 98,B -3pu ie5 93,B -3pj ien 9g,B -3pc ife 95,B -3q4 ifp ao,B -3r9 ifc b4,B -3sc ifn b1,B -3tp ifp b8,B -3v0 ig0 b8,B -408 ift 6,B -41b ig2 i,B -42f ig8 u,B -435 ig2 1i,B -444 ig4 1r,G -142 e1m 5v,G 306 df2 6h,G 30f dfb 68,G 310 df2 6h,G 303 df2 55,G 314 deq 7n,G 308 deh 7e,G 1co e5u s,B -ho 1f ad,B -gt 18 9u,B -h8 1h 9u,B -i2 18 ah,B -h8 1h a8,B -i2 1s a8,B -i0 1s ac,B -ho 20 ac,B -hd 1q 9v,B -hh 1h ai,B -gv 18 9e,B -h6 19 9r,B -g5 1s 9h,B -gg 1h 9q,B -h0 1s a9,B -hf 23 9r,B -i9 2g 9,B -ir 2p a4,B -ja 2r a9,B -k4 38 9v,B -kf 3o 9r,B -mv 26 82,B -mi 30 8e,B -m3 3f 7s,B -lf 45 8e,B -j9 e7 3,B -jf e9 3,B -j7 e7 b8,B -jf ee 7,B -ji eb 5,B -jq ed 4,B -jv e0 c,B -jm e3 b8,B -jm e9 9,B -j2 eg e,B -ku bp 8,B -ko CD 6,B -kc c2 AA,B -k1 ch 9t,B -k3 cq b6,B -i2 f0 9t,B -h5 fq 9k,B -gd go 9o,B -fl h3 9f,B -dt hn 9j,B -au iu 99,B -87 k1 9f,B -4m lf 9c,B -2c m9 97,B i 1b 2q,B b u 38,B -e 17 2q

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