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Q: Which is a true statement about public opinion?
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What is true about public opinion?

issues of public opinion are related to public affairs

Which statement is true of the struggle of labor unions to obtain workers rights?

workers were helped by public opinion and consumer boycotts

What is a math statement?

A statement that can be proven true or false. Not a question, not a command, and not an opinion.

What is a statement of opinion that can be proved true or false?


which statement about the claim is true?

It is both arguable and defensible.

What statement best describe opinion leaders?

A statement that best describes opinion leaders is they stand for what they believe. In addition, they tend to affect public opinion more than leaders that aren't opinionated.

IT is false or true declaration is a statement made in private?

False. A declaration is a public statement.

If the majority of people said the statement is true then is it true?

It depends on whether the statement is subjective (opinion) or factual (verifiable). If a majority voices the same opinion (e.g. abortion is wrong), it doesn't necessarily make it true - or false. If the same people say the earth is flat however, that is not true.

What is the diff between a fact and opinion?

The difference is, a fact is something that really is true. An opinion is a statement that you, yourself think is true, but someone else might think is NOT true. Hope this helped, Timmery

An opinion or statement that says something is true but has no proof behind it is sometimes called?


What was true about the government reaction to the bonus army?

it changed public opinion against President Hoover

Which statement best describes what happened in the debate?

public opinion was affected by the candidate's personal appearance