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In computing, this is an AND statement.

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Q: What is a statement that is true only if both parts of the statement are true?
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How does biconditional statement different from a conditional statement?

a condtional statement may be true or false but only in one direction a biconditional statement is true in both directions

True or false the nervous system controls all of the body parts?

This is a true statement.

Is this statement true or false Plagiarizing is acceptable if it is only a phrase or a word.?

Is this statement true or false? Plagiarizing is acceptable if it is only a phrase or a word. Is this statement true or false? Plagiarizing is acceptable if it is only a phrase or a word.

What is a true statement about both eft and split disbursement?

One true statement about eft and split disbursement is that they are mandatory.

is this statement true or falseEither b or c can be parallel to a and d, but not both.?


Is this a true statement on a 6' door jam you measure the level at both sides only to plumb the door?


Is a claim a statement that is true or false?

It could be both...

What statement is true about a tornado?

It is a weather feature in some parts of the world.

Conditional Statement?

A statement that runs only if the set condition for it is true

True or false plates can carry continents or parts of the ocean floor but not both?

true. only one of them can be moved at one time

When is a conditional statement false?

A conditional statement is indeed a statement that can be put in the form "if A, then B". The only time this conditional statement is false is when both A is true and also B is false.Read more:

What is a conjunction statement?

In logic, a conjunction is a connective form where the paired proposition is true only if both of the connected propositions are true. The symbolic form is a centered dot (.)

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