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One quarter equals 25/100. Therefore, 26/100 is bigger.

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Q: Which is bigger twenty six hundredths or one quarter?
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How is 3 inches in hundredths of afoot?

Three inches is a quarter of a foot. Twenty five is a quarter of one hundred so the answer is twenty five hundredths of a foot.

How do you write 0.25 in words?

Twenty-five hundredths. or one quarter or one fourth

How many hundredths are equivalent to one-quarter?

twenty-five 25/100 = 5/20 = 1/4

How do you write twenty-one hundredths?

Twenty-one hundredths is 0.21

How do you write P1000.25 in word form?

"P" one thousand and twenty five hundredths. or "P" one thousand and a quarter.

How do you write one thousand twenty and twenty five hundredths?

one thousand twenty and twenty-five hundredths is written 1,020.25

What is 9.21 in word form?

Nine and twenty-one hundredths.nine and twenty-one hundredths

How do you write 1.23 as a decimal in words?

One and twenty-three hundredths

How do you write twenty-four one hundredths as a decimal?

Twenty-four one hundredths is 0.24

How do you spell out 1.25 shares in words?

The number 1.25 shares would normally be stated as "one and a quarter shares" or "one and one-quarter shares" rather than as one and twenty-five hundredths.

What is twenty-one and eight hundredths as a fraction?

Twenty-one and eight hundredths as a fraction = 527/25

What is 74.21 in written form?

Seventy-four and twenty-one hundredths

What is one and twenty three hundredths in decimal form?

one and twenty three hundredths in decimal form = 1.23

What is the decimal 120.09 in words?

It is one hundred twenty and nine hundredths.

How can you write in standard form twenty-one hundredths?

Twenty-one hundredths (0.21) = 2.1 × 10-1

What is the fraction and decimal for twenty-one hundredths?

twenty-one hundredths is;= 0.21 in decimal= 21/100 in fraction

How do you write one and twenty three hundredths as a percent?

One and twenty three hundredths = 1.23 As a percentage, that is 123%

How do you write the number twenty one and five hundredths?

When written out in numerals, twenty one and five hundredths is 21.05

How is 0.21 in written form?

0.21 is written out as "twenty-one one-hundredths". Some abbreviate this to twenty-one hundredths. Others just say, "zero point twenty one".

How do you write 121.23?

One hundred twenty-one and twenty-three hundredths.

How do you write twenty one and twenty one hundredths in standard form?


What is twenty-five hundredths of one percent?

A quarter of 1 per cent or 0.0025

How do you write 14.25 in word form?

Fourteen point two five. One four point two five Fourteen point twenty-five One four point twenty-five Fourteen and twenty-five hundredths. Fourteen and a quarter.

What is 1.21 in words?

One and twenty-one hundredths.

What is one twenty in decimal form?

I think you mean one and twenty hundredths which is: 1.20