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Both are accepted, but "a quarter after" is preferred in formal writing.

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Q: Which is correct quarter past 8 or a quarter past 8?
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Half past 8 quarter to 9?

half past 8 = 8:30 quarter to 9 = 8:45 I hope that helps answer your question.

What is a quarter 8?

825 I think A quarter of 8 is 2. A quarter till 8 is 7:45. A quarter past 8 is 8:15. A quarter plus 8 is 8 1/4. A quarter minus 8 is -7 3/4. A quarter divided by 8 is 1/32.

What is quarter past 8 in the morning?

The "quarter" in this case refers to a quarter hour, so that's a quarter hour (or 15 minutes) after 8.

What is quarter past 08 o'clock?


Number of quarter inches in two inches?

32 * * * * * The correct answer is 8 quarter-inches in 2 inches.

Is 945 half past nine quarter to ten quarter past ten or a quarter past nine?

Quarter to 10.

What does quarter to 5 to quarter past 5 mean?

4:45 ; Quarter to 5 5:15 ; Quarter past 5

How do you write 8 15 am in Spanish?

A las ocho y cuarto = At 8:15 ocho = eight cuarto = quarter So it could also mean : At quarter past eight

What is an hour later than a quarter past 11?

Quarter past 12 !

What time will it be if it is quarter past 1 and an hour passes?

A quarter past two!

What is quarter past?

If the time is quarter past, it means that is 15 minutes after. Quarter after 9:00 would be 9:15.

What is quarter past 10 o'clock?

Quarter past is an expression 15 minutes past the current hour. Each quarter of an hour is 15 minutes. So quarter past 10 is equal to 10:15.

Quarter past three means?

Quarter past three means :- fifteen minuets past three o'clock, or 3.15

How do you say quarter past 5 in spanish?

"Quarter past five" is "Cinco y cuarto"

What time is half past quarter to5?

It can't be half past and a quarter to 5 at the same time. I assume the answer is 5.30 for half past 5, and 4.45 for quarter to 5.

How do you estimate time to the nearest half hour?

From a quarter to the hour to a quarter past the hour, it is the hour, whilefrom a quarter past the hour to a quarter to the hour, it is the half hour.

What is quarter to and quarter past mean?

Time on a clock quarter = quarter of an hour = 60/4 = 15 minutes example, quarter to three = 2:45 quarter past three = 3:45 Also half past two in some countries is referred as half to three.

What is 815 am in spanish?

A las ocho y cuarto = At 8:15 ocho = eight cuarto = quarter So it could also mean : At quarter past eight

What is quarter past four?

its 15 minutes now how do you spell minutes

How do you say quarter past seven in french?

A quarter past seven - sept heures et quart

What would quarter past four be in 24 hour clock?

Quarter past four in the morning would be 04:15 hours.Quarter past four in the afternoon would be 16:15 hours.

What is the past participle of correct?

what is the past participle of correct

How many minutes until quarter-past 2?

From right now, 8 hours 34 minutes = 514 minutes. Note: This answer will be wrong, and will self-destruct, in one minute. However, it will be correct again in 12 hours.

What time is quarter past 1?

1:15 (one-fifteen) is quarter past one since it is one-quarter of an hour after one o'clock.

How do you say quarter past in frnch?

You simply add "et quart" (pronounce [eh kar]) after the hour from which the quarter is past. "et quart" literally means "and a quarter".Hence "a quarter past ten" becomes "dix heures et quart" ("ten hours and a quarter")