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Q: Which is larger four sevens or three eights?
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How many eights in four and three eights?


What is four and three eights as a decimal?


What is three eights of four ninths?

three eights of four ninths = 3/8 x 4/9 = 12/72 = 1/6

Is three fourths bigger than four sevens?


Which is larger five eighths or one half?

five-eights is one-eigtht larger than one-half...which, after converting to a common denominator, is four-eights.

What is seven eights plus 2 and a half?

The final answer would be three and three-eighths. Here's how to solve it mentally.You have to set their denominators [bottom numbers] equal. So, keep seven eights, since two ["half"] goes into eight, but you must make 2 and a half into 2 and four eights, because four is half of eight. Pretend for a minute that the four eights isn't there. So, 2 and seven eights. Then, add one from the four eights, so that it will now be 3., and so that the four eights is now three eights. So, 3 and three eights.Sorry. I'm not very good at explaining, but I hope that helped. ^^"

What is one half take away one eighth?

Three eights. There are four eights in one half.

What is three eighths divided by one eighth?

three or twent four eights

What is three eights?

Three eights are equal to a value of twenty four when added together. When they are multiplied eight to the third power is equal to 512.

How many eights go into 35?

Four - with a remainder of three.

What is Three eights plus four fifths as a decimal?

It is 1.175

What is four fifths times three eights?


What is four minus one eighth?

Three and seven eights

How many sevens in 28?

there are four sevens in 28.

What is six and two fifths minus four and three eights?


What is seven eights plus four?

four and seven eights

What is three eighths plus four eights?

it is nine eighths it is nine eighths

What is four and seven eights minus three and a half?

1 and 3/8

What is four divided by five eights equal?

it is four divided by five eights

What is the factor of 1764 that totals the sum of 84?

63 and 21 42 and 42 three twenty-eights four twenty-ones six fourteens seven twelves twelve sevens fourteen sixes twenty-one fours twenty-eight threes forty-two twos eighty-four ones

What is eight and four fifths times three and one eights?

27 1/2

What does four sixths plus three eights equal?

25/24 or 11/24

What is equal four sevens?

4times 4 times 4 times 4 times 4times 4times 4=four sevens

Is seven eights bigger than four eights?


What is three fifth plus four sevens?

41 over 35 simplified into 1 and 6 over 35