What is three eights of four ninths?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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three eights of four ninths = 3/8 x 4/9

= 12/72

= 1/6

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Q: What is three eights of four ninths?
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What is seven eights times three ninths?


What is 3 and four ninths - three eights?

3 and 5/72 = 3 and 1/14v by dividing 5 on the numerator or denominator

What is three tmes four ninths?

3 times four ninths is 12 ninths

Is three ninths bigger than four ninths?


What is four ninths plus seven eights?

4/9 + 7/8 = 95/72

What is bigger 1 third or 3 eights?

Three ninths is one third, and eighths are bigger than ninths. Three eighths is bigger than three ninths. Therefore three eighths is bigger than one third.

Is seven eights bigger than seven ninths?

Yes, seven eights is larger than seven ninths.

What is two and two ninths divided by eights ninths?


Is five ninth greater than or less than four eighth?

Four Eights Is Bigger Than Five Ninths.

What is larger -0.2 four ninths negative three fourths or 0.43?

Four ninths.

What is the least common denominator of three eights and four ninths?

If you cant find a common denominator for two numbers you multiply them together which in this case would be 72 then you just symplify.

How many eights in four and three eights?