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1 day, 1 week, hours, minutes, seconds, etc

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Q: Which is less than 350 days?
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How much days are in 50 weeks?

350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.350 days.

What is the gestation period for a horse?

11 monthsA little less than a year. Approx. 340-350 days.

Is 7 m is greater than 350?

7 m is less than 350 km, greater than 350 cm

Is 350 mm less than 3.5 meters?

350 mm = 0.35 meter. That's less than 3.5 meters.

How long is 350 working days from December 2014?

It is a year less 15 days away.

350ml less than L?

650ml less 1,000 - 350 = 650

Which one is bigger 25 lb or 350oz?

350 oz

Is 350 meters taller than 1214 feet?

Nope. 350 meters is less than 1,214 feet. (350 meters = 1,148.29 feet).

How do you describe yourself less than 350 words?


How many months have less than 30 days?

Febuary has less than 30 days.

What Is 350 ml less than 1 liter?

It is less. 350 milliliters equals .350 liters. 1,000 milliliters would be one liter.

How much is 2gB in phone usage?

no less than 350 hours

The different between 350 Short block and long block?

The 350 short block has less power than a 350 long block.

What Is 350 ml than 1 liter?

It is less. 350 milliliters equals .350 liters. 1,000 milliliters would be one liter.

Is a year on Venus less than two days long?

yes a year on Venus is less than 2 days

How would you write 60 days is less than 90 days using the less than symbol?


Is 25 lb less than 350 oz?

No, it is more than it, as 25lb is 400 oz.

Is 350 Inches greater or less than 10 yards?

Less there are 360 inches in 10 yards

How long is 350 working days?

How long is 350 working days

Is 720 days greater than or less than 2 years?

It is less than 2 years. 2 years is 730 days, or 731 days if one is a leap year.

Is 25 lbs greater or less than 350 oz?

25 pounds equates to 400 ounces so it is greater than 350 ounces.

Is 29 days less than 4 weeks?

1 week = 7 days 4 weeks = 28 days So 29 days is not less than 4 weeks.

What is bigger 0.7 weeks or 30 days?

0.7 weeks is less than 1 week and so less than 7 days.

Is 7 weeks grater less or equal then 52 days?

7 weeks is 49 days which is less than 52 days

By how many m is 2 km less than 2.350 km?

Two km is 350 meters less than 2.350 km