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A 10 newton force is approximately 2.25 pounds-force, so the 5 pound force is greater.

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Q: Which is the greater force 10 newtons or 5 pounds?
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Which is the greatest force 10pounds 10 kilograms 10 newtons 50newtons?

A force of 9.8 N is the force exerted on a 1 kilogram mass at rest by the force of Earth's gravity at sea level. So 10 N is the force of about a 1.02 kg mass (approximately 2.25 pounds force)This is a scalar measurement.

What type of measurement is 10 newtons?

"10 newtons" is a force, equal to about 21/4 pounds.

How do you find out stress from force?

stress is force divided by area. If you have a force of 10 acting over area 1 stress is 10 ; if area is 2 stress is 5, etc. Force has units of pounds or newtons and stress is pounds per square inch or newtons per square meter

How much is 1000 newtons in pounds?

to weigh 1000 newtons the object would have to weigh the equivalent of 100kg Comes from F = ma Force = 1000 newtons = mass x acceleration acceleration = gravity = 10 m/s^2 So Force/acc. = mass = 100 kg

Why is it hard to steer a bike whilst holding the center?

If you exert a force of 100 newtons , and your hands are 10cm (0.1m) from the pivot(the center of the handlebars, the formula is force(100)xPerpendicular distance (0.1) the force would be 10 newtons , but if you increased the distance your hands are from the center (e.g. to 50cm away) the force would be 50 newtons , So, the greater the distance from the center , the greater the turning force (moment).

What happends if forces are unbalanced?

Movment. Ex.> force of 10 newtons-><-force of 5 newtons movement of 5 newtons->

What is the weight of mass of 10 kg?

10 kg of mass weighs -- 22.05 pounds (98.1 newtons) on earth -- 3.6 pounds (16.2 newtons) on the moon -- 8.38 pounds (37.3 newtons) on Mercury

What type of measurement is the force 10 newtons?

It's the measurement of a force of about 2.248 pounds. It could have been measuredby a spring balance, a dynamometer, or a bathroom scale.Note that although every force is a vector, the description "10 newtons" states onlyits magnitude, and leaves its direction for you to guess.

What is the net force that acts on an object that weighs 10 newtons if the object is in freefall?

10 newtons

What is the net force that acts on an object that weighs 10 newtons if the objects is freefall?

10 newtons

What is a safe force at 10 newtons?

The question does not make sense. 10 Newtons is a force of 10 Newtons, sufficient to accelerate a mass of 10 kilograms by 1 meter per second squared. The concept of "safe" as applied to a force has no meaning in the context of this question. Please restate the question.

How many pounds are there if there are 10 Newtons?

10N is about 2.25 pounds at earth's surface.