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Q: Which is the last step when creating and analyzing a scatterplot from a table of values?
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How database created?

Database can be created using any of the following commands in DML (Data manipulation language). Create - for creating table ,insert - for inserting values , Update - for updating table etc.

An example of using spreadsheet software for analyzing student performance would be?

o Creating a presentation using presentation software such as MS PowerPoint with pie chartso Download PASS data into an application such as MS Excelo Creating a table using software such as MS Word

What is the start tag for creating a table?

< table >

Natalie counted the number of birds she saw each day for 20 days and she recorded her data in the table Which scatterplot correctly displays Natalies data?


What are the eleven problem solving strategies or tools by george polya?

drawing a diagram drawing a table acting out guess and check creating an prganized list looking for a pattern creating a tree diagram working backwards open ended problem analyzing and investigating using logical reasons

How an Acoustic pulse recognition touch screens works?

APR touch screens work by analyzing the sound an object makes when it hits the glass through four piezos, and compares them to a pre-recorded table with millions of values.

Table of values?


What advantages can you see of having a function rule instead of a table of values?

A table of values is no use if the domain is infinite.

What is a table of values?

A table you make to find the coordinates to graph.

What is the definition of Table of value?

to have the values of x and y in a table

Is the process of creating table designs by assigning specific fields or attributes to each table in a database?

Normalization is the process of creating table designs by assigning specific fields or attributes to each table in a database.

How to insert values in to a table in SQL?

SELECT columns FROM tables INTO tablename - will create and insert values INSERT INTO table SELECT columns FROM tables - will insert from one or more tables into a table INSERT (columns) INTO table VALUES (literals) - will insert literal values into row in a table