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Choose some values for x, calculate the corresponding values of y, and format the result as a table!

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Q: What is the table to the function y equals 4x-2?
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How do you write 4x2 plus y equals 16 using function notation?

First you need to solve for y. So write 4x2+y=16 so y=16-4x2 Now write f(x)=16-4x2

Y equals 4X2 plus 3x plus 8?


What is the range of the function y -4x2 1?

y = -4x2 + 1 Range = {y:y=<1, y is an element of the reals}

Is y equals 4x a quadratic equation?

No. [ y = 4x2 ] is a quadratic equation.

Is y equals 4x2-1 a linear equation?


Is the graph of y equals 4x2-2x plus 5 a straight line?


What is the domain of the continuous quadratic function y equals 4x2 plus 2?

The domain is from negative infinity to positive infinity. The range is from positive 2 to positive infinity.

Y equals 4x squared minus 2?

y = 4x2 - 2 is a parabolic function with a focal point at the location (0, -2). It's derivative can be expressed as: dy/dx = 8x It's indefinite integral can be expressed as: ∫(4x2 - 2) dx = (4x3)/3 - 2x + C

If 4y plus 9 equals 17 what does y equal?

y = 2 (4X2=8) +9 = 17

What are function and relation?

A function is an equation that gives a unique answer. A relation does not. Example: y = 3x + 1 is a function. If I give you x, you can determine y. And that y is unique to that x. So if x = 1, you know y = 4. No other of x gives y = 4 as an answer. So y = 3x + 1 is a function. Example: y = 4x2. So if I give you x = 1, y = 4. But y = 4 if I also give you x = -1. So y = 4x2 is not a function, it is a relation.

How is the graph of y 4x2 1 different from the graph of y 4x2?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Assuming the first function is y = 4x2 + 1, and the second y = 4x2 then the first graph is 1 unit higher than the second.

The base of a solid is the region in the first quadrant enclosed by the parabola y equals 4x2?